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  1. has anyone noticed the Zimbabwean RTGS dollar , new series of zimbabwe dollar has went up almost 1700% in the past year? Here's the link I was wondering if anyone has cashed in the older 2008 100 trillion series zim dollar recently and made a profit ? I'm new to this investment and I've heard that some investors in the older series has made some money on this newer series increase. Any info . on where to cash out if this is true would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It looks like something is about to go down soon , I sure hope so ....
  3. I'm in Iraq and people in the state dept. here have told me it will happen and it will be over a dollar . Also some higher than the state dept. , I can't mention who, have told me that it is possible if they were included in the basket of currencies . I know I'll take some hits for this but like synopsis said just because they're in the state dept. doesn't mean they know any more than us . Personally from everything I've read , followed and everyone I've talked to in Iraq from contractors to interpreters to state dept. , most say it's goin to happen just a matter of when which is my opinion as well . . That being said don't put anything in any investment you can't afford to lose . Personally I diversify and invest in stocks , cryptos , options and plan on getting into real estate . It's been working out pretty good so far . GLTA . BTW for those in options , RTN , Raytheon , BA , Boeing and Lockheed may be worth a look considering the successful strike against Syrias chemical facilities and the marijuana cryptos have been steadily climbing up the past week , I think based on the news of Trump passing laws to protect states that allow rec. mj from the fed .
  4. " Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago " WB . I think Iraq took this quote literally when they started their "currency reform" messages... I've been overseas between Iraq and Afghan. for almost 13 yrs. and heard a lot of rumors on the dinar from the State dept. , fellow contractors etc.. I've read everything I can get my hands on about it and it's still a very speculative investment . That being said I loaded the boat as much as it can hold , imo , it's not a matter of IF but when .
  5. I agree Artitech , I do think we'll see a little over a dollar and the Lord is definitely in control . I'm just not convinced on when yet but we'll see ..
  6. IMO, Turkey don't even have close the potential Iraq does in terms of GDP so if Turkey can go from 117th to 18th , Iraq can easily do that much better . Turkey did a redenomination w/o a revaluation . Iraq has been saying for years they're going to do a redenomination WITH a revaluation . Iraq has never said they were going to LOP like Turkey but have said several times they are going to return to having a strong economy like their middle eastern neighbors . Iraq has always said their currency will increase a thousand times in value which is not a lop. The only question we all have is when. IMO , from all the news about them preparing to go international , I think sometime this year but it's Iraq we can only wait and see...
  7. Turns out there are quite a few middle eastern exotic currencies so the story probably is true but it could be any one of 10-13 middle eastern exotic currencies (thinly traded currency ). I'd love for the IQD to hit ASAP but just trying to figure out what we're really looking at here.
  8. Thanks Joe, I believe you but I'm wondering can anyone think of any middle eastern currencies that are not internationally tradeable at this time besides the IQD and Iranian Rial ?
  9. Another good alkalizing drink is Phresh greens superfood in powder form from vegetables , grasses and sea algae just fyi and GO RV!!
  10. Now go to this link of the CBI ... and notice the date of the news streaming ..... as compared to the news streaming here ...
  11. that being said I do think based on the recent news coming out of Iraq they will rv sometime this year though and hopefully within the next couple of mos. , I just don't give that link any credibility since all the news on that page is from 2016 , it seems like some sort of glitch back then
  12. you got me , but click on any of the streaming news articles in the middle of the page where the rate 1.20 is and all the articles date back to 2016 .
  13. I think that's an old out dated link to the CBI site . If you click on any of the news articles mentioned there it's dated back to 2016
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