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  1. Why not? Everything else has delayed it. That as good an angle as any.
  2. OK. It's my turn. What does the DE LA RUE machine do exactly ? never heard of it before now.
  3. You are right. He needs help.
  4. I must say, with all honesty, I have never heard of dinar. What is it, exactly? Give me a break. Really. That's why I only check in every 2 weeks. Crap like that.
  5. I have been in Cheyenne many times. It's a ****-hole.
  6. Yeah, I really liked the call where they stated that "the IMF is gonna force the re-issue on 1-7th, and to save face the GOI is gonna make the announcement at a mosque on the 7th, blah, blah, blah, lying sack of crap... oh, and the disclaimer before the announcement "remember, we are dealing with Iraq, blah blah blah... I ain't listening no more!
  7. That's the most blatent "lost in translation" phrase I have ever seen? "The beauty of watermelon will be instrumental throughout this whole pro-longed process" said the highest ranking member involved in the whole pro-longed process. "We must keep our eyes focused on what is important, such as the æsthetics of certain bulbous & juicy fruits common to the American south".
  8. In the novel, Papillon, "plan" had a completely different meaning... OUCH!
  9. Tell Roddy to stay off of Twitter. Tell Turner to hold the ball tight. Tell Mularkey to call a good game. And GO FALCONS!!! Oh, and GOI, let's wrap up the budget talk and get down to RV'ing!!!!!!!
  10. The bad thing about all of this mis-information is that, when the dinar actually RVs, I'll probably go "yeah, sure".
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