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  1. Gave you an upvote Rod. Not sure what's up with people. Adam, are you still shoveling out? Was looking forward to your comments this week. And by the way, my questions for the thread are, "Are you still shoveling out?" and "Will we have as much money soon as you had snow". Hope everyone is doing well. Losing my job soon. Work for Toys R Us.
  2. Luigi finally figured it out. There never was any real intel and he finally gets it. We should be able to move this out of the rumor section for once.
  3. Remember Thug, you promised to give up picking your belly button for Lent!
  4. I can't remember what year exactly. Just remember Adam saying to only buy what you can afford to lose if worst case scenario. I did that and will keep moving on with other things. If this does go our way, then more doors will open up for my family. Hope it works out for everyone and when/if it does, personally help out someone in need.
  5. The truth will be told on the xe Sunday evening or Monday. We will see "soon".
  6. Thank you for getting the chat out early this week. Good to hear all of the positive vibes!
  7. This thread has gone terribly wrong. Hey Adam, how about a drive by and give us something much better to look at.
  8. Look at the weekly and monthly pattern The pattern of peaks and valleys are different now. This is still artificially being held down, but has a more natural flow/trading patter. Thought this looked to be a good sign of something different happening.
  9. The Obomanation did not want to defeat what he helped create. I hate the news. Not despise, but hate.
  10. Don't LYAO. It may cause some issues. Just sayin'
  11. Hopefully they captured a lot of dinar also, to get it off the streets and out of the hands of the bad guys before the RV.
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