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  1. I couldn't get the link to work...
  2. Is the budget a huge factor?? They have had a ratified budget every year... this is not new or unique to this year. I think more important than the budget is having a fully seated government.
  3. Parliament postponed the second reading of the budget bill to the next Sunday GMT Monday, 2007 شباط 2011 09:10 GMT NewsDetails Iraqi Council of Representatives (Archive) Alsumaria News / Baghdad Voice of the Iraqi parliament on Monday to postpone the second reading of the draft federal budget law for the current year to the next meeting next Sunday, for the non-arrival of law after the amendments by the government, while the source confirmed that the Council added to today's meeting to discuss the ration card and the high grain prices.". A source in the Information Service of the Council
  4. my understanding is that taxes are paid by whomever cashes in.
  5. Having the budget approved is just one piece of the puzzle. They have had an approved budget every year from what I've read.
  6. this is good news, I believe!
  7. our fed ex delivery man tells us this is all bogus. he and most of the guys out of the local office have all purchased from dtrade, as well.
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