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  1. I miss Reader's Digest Condensed Books! Is it really embarrassing to share that my parents had a small bookshelf in the bathroom with these all lined up?
  2. Barboza, thanks for the revised perspective on this. Since so many of we Americans only speak english, it is often overlooked that words are not all equally translatable. Subtle differences in definition can have a world of difference in application!
  3. I SWEAR, the next time I hear an Iraqi official say next week, soon, or with ten days, my head is going to EXPLODE!!
  4. All of the positivity shown in this thread has really encouraged me and allowed me to revalue what we have all made here. I really do think that the productive and paticipatory mindset shown here (with the notable exception of Slade (no surprise)) is what this board is really about, but what we sometimes need reorientation to see. I think our time to destination is getting closer, which may mean heightened emotions. Lets continue to work together to support each other in these last days! Thank you all, again, for sharing your spirit and good will!!
  5. I remember watching the ending of that game! That should be what it's all about!
  6. Adam's intel, along with the recent post from Kaperoni, are starting to get me excited like I haven't been since the middle of February!! Oh, boy! I have some phone calls to make! Oh, and thanks a million Sara for taking the time to post the whole chat!!
  7. I love to read Kaperoni's posts. He always gleans through all of the news and anti-news to come up with a clean demonstration of coming events. Thank you, dj, for posting it here for us!
  8. Wow! I'm must admit I'm surprised at all of the positive responses. I'm glad to hear from all of you, but I'm wondering what happened to all the cockroaches? They must have all scattered when I turned on the light!
  9. Dunno, disciple7, but we've got the bat signal lit for his response.
  10. Little doubt that I'm going to regret this post, but I've run out of "other cheeks" to turn. I just finished reading the partial chat thread from this morning, and am so angry at some of you people!! I don't know what you think this site is about, but it is not here to spoon feed you money!! Adam has provided this site as a place to share information that YOU and OTHERS have gleaned about the IQD and discuss it to get a perspective and information that may allow YOU to make sense of this investment. I challenge you to find one reference that states that ADAM is responsible for giving you ANY information or guidance regarding the RV!! There is NONE. This forum exists as a courtesy, not as some of you believe, as a means for ADAM to mind control you or for him to get "followers" that somehow gain him power or prestige. It may surprise you, but I doubt that ADAM gives a rat's a$$ what you think of him or this forum. He has several different businesses that he runs himself (and this forum IS NOT ONE OF THEM) and has a very full life outside of DV. That's one of the reasons you don't find him on this forum day and night holding hands and wiping the drool off the faces of some of you. Any participation on his part in this forum is to share intel or excitement he has come across in order to help us in our OWN journey, not because he is obliged to! And the people who VOLUNTEER as moderators on this site do so for the same reason. They get NO compensation (not a single dinar) and very little recognition for giving of their time and energy to keep this site function in line with Adam's philosophy. The fact that people felt free to bash Davhina for posting a partial transcript of the chat, and then insinuating that it wasn't even Adam's words just pi$$e$ me off!! What would he have to gain by doing this? We do not get our jollies by attempting to deceive or confuse you. We are in this investment just as you are. What purpose would it serve? Adam did not give us any insider info on when he was going to post, nor what the subject matter was going to be. Unfortunately there were no mods online at the time, and one of the regular members happened to copy a part of the text, which Davhina graciously put in the Chat Forum for all to read. It was not his JOB to do so, nor was it his job to interpret it for you. And what thanks did he get???? One other comment on that thread I feel needs addressing, that is the VIP designation and membership. When a person pays to become a VIP member, they are not joining a Secret Club that gets more and better intel. They do not pay to join a forum where other posters are bashed and super secret plots are hatched to delude and confuse others. People who join VIP are saying that they are interested in information that will help them make the most of their proceeds POST-RV. Any talk that goes on in the VIP or Offshore forums are about what people are going to do with their money AFTERWARD! In fact, there is little to no news or rumor posted there at all. As a moderator who has been charged specifically with moderating those two fora, I can tell you that information not related to post-RV activities is either moved to the regular forum so that all can benefit by it, or it is locked as not being pertinent. You are NOT missing out on any juicy news if you are not VIP! And with my last breath, I'm going to charge all of you to get off your own lazy butts and do some of your own research or thinking on what may be happening with this investment. This is a puzzle, with each bit of information being just a single piece. You need to look at each one of them and either fit them with the others you have, or discard them. No one is here to show you the whole picture!! No one knows what the whole picture looks like! Quit being mean spirited, lazy, malicious, and start being supportive, sharing, and a productive part of this board, or go find another that better fits you!
  11. Have we heard from any of our "in country" members as to the effect of this attack?
  12. Sheik, keep it polite!! If not you'll go on Moderator review!
  13. I'm adding my to k98's. Maybe we could contribute all proceeds to the "Send Maliki Packing" fund?
  14. This is old news. They've already incorporated the Kurdish into the new bills.
  15. This sounds like a little three year old saying "I do it myself!!!" with accompanying pout.
  16. My apologies. I should have read the first line to comprehend that this wasn't YOU posting this here, but bringing it over from another site. What I will do is ask you to more clearly ask your question. What is it about this post that you wish to have more info on?
  17. Okay, my first two thoughts are: 1) We don't have conference calls. 2) We're not having a San Francisco event. (I'm kinda glad I didn't read the middle of the article!)
  18. It seems to me, Slade, that YOU are the one beating the dead horse. Just let it lie. It will decompose and we will bury it. It's either that or I'm shooting it (and you) between the eyes.
  19. You know, Slade, it was ME that blocked your responses to Vanessa the other day. And you're right that I did it because she asked why we allowed people to bash each other, then you came on and started confronting her. I wonder if posters realize that every time someone clicks that Report Concern! button that your complaint and message goes out to every Moderator, so each of us is asked to review and take action on your concern. When we read the Concern and decide it's not worth acting on, another mod may decide it should be. Or if all of us decide not to act, then we get more complaints about NOT acting. Can you imagine how frustrating it is, as a Moderator, to be constantly confronted about being ineffectual? So, you suggest we leave threads alone and not close controversial or incindiary posts? Then they go too far and people get bashed and trash talk takes over? That's what you're advocating? I'm NOT a big endorser of unionization, but I'm thinking the Mods need to take a little "break" and see if we are missed. If not, my feelings won't be hurt to turn in my password! I'm right there with ya sistermod
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