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  1. Would this address the problem? I'm just wondering because this whole thing is new to me, and I'm trying to orient it all in my mind.
  2. Well, I vote for #1, but #3 gets Miss Congeniality!
  3. From the CBI. From Iraq. How does this align with your perspective?
  4. And I'm sure the term "hanging chads" has an entirely different connotation in Iraq.
  5. That makes sense! And here's an anglicized version of the article: This Iraqi syntax is killing me!!
  6. Ctoddy, this is what I'm wondering. Why haul ass over there if it's not in the bag? But the postponement of the Parliment meeting leads me to think that they're not ready to announce GOI yet, and that won't happen until at least the 18th. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a postponement of UNSC mtg.
  7. Based on above article, plus the fact that GOI hasn't been announced/formalized. And statements that there will be discussion on the 15th, not just a vote. If there is to be a vote only, I can believe that all YESes have been lined up, but if there is to be a scheduled discussion, there must be some dissent. I can't believe UNSC will release Chapter 7 without all i's dotted and t's crossed. Just my thought process....
  8. I need a lightbulb emotie!! Thank you, Blue-Duck!! Those last two links explained a lot behind the rationale. I appreciate the help!
  9. Adam has a glossary of terms in his book.
  10. Sounding like Biden is giving him the heads up that there will be more conditions before Chapter 7 will be lifted.
  11. I thought the meeting was JUST to vote? If they are anticipating discussion, doesn't that insinuate that the vote would be NO, and that there are further recommendations to be made, or criteria to be fulfilled before Chapter 7 can be pulled?
  12. Really significant question! I would love to know too! 250 IRD would only make sense for after a RV/RI
  13. But if the official announcement hasn't been made, wouldn't there be concern that Iraq would "pull a fast one" and change things? After all, removal of Chapter 7 is pivotal, and I can't see the UN just saying, "Okay. We trust that they'll fulfill the terms."
  14. Okay, just trying to put some of the pieces together here..... Rumor has that the government slots have been filled, but formal announcement has not been made. Goal was for the 15th, but deadline is 25th. Could it be the postponed parliment meeting (now set for 18th) is when the GOI will be formalized? UNSC meeting to VOTE on removal of Chapter 7 (no discussion, just vote?) is set for the 15th, and no GOI is established, WHY would the Security Council vote to withdraw? Wouldn't they vote NO, and reset another meeting for after the GOI is in?
  15. Where is the link between RV and Chapter 7? I keep hearing this, but have seen no confirmation.
  16. Thanks, Soldering. I read all of the Chapter 7 items (listed in Adam's book) but didn't see where any of them addressed financial stabilities. So, I'm still looking for the missing link.
  17. Too bad Jesse Ventura's show, Conspiracy Theory, was cancelled. This would have made a GREAT episode!
  18. Admittedly, I'm a newbie. And I've been reading like a hound. And I've been continuing to see comments that the RV HAS to happen for Chapter 7 to be removed. Or that RV is a requirement in the UN removal agreement. However, I have not seen a verifiable link between the two. Can one of you experts clarify this for me? Many (and respectful) thanks.
  19. The linked article was really good at explaning revaluation by lopping. I also understand the processes that need to be in place to make this change effective. But could someone please more clearly explain to me WHY lopping is not logical for Iraq? I'm still not understanding the correlation.
  20. Pourit started the entire post with "SOME MAY BE RUMOR" so let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Thanks for the linkup of all the issues in play, but most of all (for it reminds us of what is REALLY important) CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEWS OF THE BABY-TO-BE!! May mother and baby have a safe journey, and may you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season!
  21. It is appreciated at this time of high emotions, refocus on the who, what, when, why, and how. Deserves to be at the top of the board for there are many newbies (like me), or silent investors who like confirmation why they did this. Flaming from the old guard won't hurt me for a while, cause I still have a high degree of baby fat clinging to my hopes and dreams.
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