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  1. If (and I don't believe they will in commonly described manner) they do, they HAVE to do it across the board! Otherwise they are literally cheating some people out of money. And I mean Iraqi's, including themselves. It would certainly cause considerable chaos.
  2. Thank you for posting this version.
  3. Who is Millionday? Can someone fill me in?
  4. Bigboy, have you read Kaperoni's chat? He has a bud who can translate accurately, and he has done so with a couple of these articles. It is in the Chat forum.
  5. Upgradable

    What if?

    That's called a LOP, and there are tons of people who have good, solid reasons why that is NOT a good option for Iraq.
  6. We've now degenerated into the spelling police? I think this thread has run its course. I'm closing.
  7. Upgradable

    What if?

    Of course they could do that. All we really know about Iraq is that they have their own ideas, and they aren't necessarily (or frequently) in line with ours.
  8. I read that this morning and thought it intriuging. My big suspicion regarding its veracity is that it is Saleh quoted, and he's been known to blow smoke before. In the Chat forum, Kaperoni has a good perspective on this subject. He has a friend who has done translations of articles before, and I find that invaluable!
  9. BK, I feel so bad!!! I'm the usual "kicker" during chat, but we had to reassign duties last night and Bumpers mistakenly hit your name. I thought he was working on it, but I'll tag your situation so it gets resolved quickly. I'm so sorry!!!
  10. All you have to do is click on the little envelope under the picture on a moderator's post.
  11. What? You don't like my tap dancing? I took lessons from the ages of 6-12. My mom is very proud!
  12. Jim, I love your perspective and opinion on things. I happen to agree with a lot of it. I'd love to hear suggestions on how you might handle going about resolving these problems. We need all kinds of good minds here!
  13. Well then, who was the "He" to whom you were referring?
  14. Is this credible "news"? Just because it is posted doesn't make it true. I will believe it when I SEE the new denoms.
  15. dinar-racer...... and how much do you know about Adam and his intentions? And why do you think he has super secret info about the RV that he is only sharing with people who pay him? Maybe that makes sense in your mind, but not mine. If that's what your needs and expections are, I wish you luck in finding them.
  16. I'm sorry, but sometimes I feel compelled to pull out my soapbox. It drives my family nuts too.
  17. People! I understand your frustration, but I think maybe you've lost sight of Adam's position regarding DinarVets. Adam is not a Guru, he has never purported himself to be. He is vocal about not being a "rate and date" guy. You are right in that he spends most of his time answering questions in VIP. But that's not because those folks have paid for the privilege. The information he is giving concerns post-RV issues. Let me postulate why. No one, outside of a few top dogs in Iraq, knows what is going to happen (or when) regarding the fiscal situation in Iraq. Reading and digesting and discussing news and rumors doesn't bring the RV closer. How productive is it, really? What impact does it hold for us? If it is driving you to acquire more dinar based on the "closeness" of the event, then you're probably going to have as much luck in Las Vegas! This is not a speculation, it is an investment, and all you can do is wait for the outcome. I don't believe that Adam spends nearly as much time as many of DVets do dissecting the information that is floating about. I know that he spends hours and hours readying himself (and other serious investors) to make the most of the OUTCOME of the investment. Hoping that he will come here and give significant information is not his priority. I'm not suggesting that your questions are not significant, but I am suggesting that you will get more and better info by asking these questions in the open forum. We have some very astute folks here that would be happy to discuss these items with you. I'm sorry if you feel mislead, thinking that DV had a different focus. Though we provide news and discuss it and the rumors it frequently initiates, the major purpose is to ready folks for opportunities post-RV. Take a look at the forums that are different than you usually post in. We offer forums on the ISX, Warka banking, Forex, Wall Street and Penny Stocks, Gold & precious metals, foreign currencies, tax discussions, and investment opportunities. Please take this post as an explanation of the purpose of DV, not as an excuse for Adam's actions. I call this place my home, and that is because I am holding dinar and I want to maximize the outcome of this investment. I'm onboard through, not to, the finish line. I appreciate ALL of you and your presence here!! I just want us all to have realistic expectations. Sit back and enjoy the ride with your fellow Dinariacs. We can be an entertaining bunch when we're not throwing rocks from the windows of our glass houses! I orignally posted this in "Adam's Chat" thread, but reconsidered and decided I wanted to post to everyone.
  18. What do you mean by being on "high alert"? The RV will or will not happen regardless of my being on Level Orange. My "high alert" has been to prepare my options and actions once the RV "does" happen. That's what Adam's focus is, not on "when," but on what to do after.
  19. Wes, thanks for sharing your beliefs on the outcome of this. That's what this forum is about! Go RV!!!
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