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  1. If you are interested, email me at and yes the original cost was 42.25k Guru Hunter is right. Mike
  2. 1050 25K notes 400 10K 2400 5K notes All purchased from Dinar Trade. Uncirculated. Mike
  3. I have 27mil in 25 k notes 4 mil 10k notes and 6 mil in 5k notes. Uncirculated. .80 on the dollar. Any takers? I am moving on to options trading and want the capital. No hurry. Just putting it out there. I know as soon as I sell RV will happen.
  4. I forgot to say that I want to sell all or nothing. I will email the folks that sent me their email. Thanks to everyone for the info. I am just supprised that there is not a bank in New York or Washington that will cash in Dinar.
  5. Just a little FYI I recently decided I went a little overboard investing in Dinar. So I decided to sell some back to Dtrade where I got it. I Have been out of the loop for a while so I did not realize Al is out of business for the moment and who knows how long. So I tried Dinar Banker where I bought 5M and told them I want to sell. (Try to get someone on the phone, good luck) They told me I need there original invoice and the cert. saying it was real. If I bought my dinar off the street with out this, I would not be able to cash it back in. I am wondering where I can cash in the Dinar that I
  6. I sure can understand some folks getting apprehensive. We have been set up several times just to be disappointed. I am still in it for the long run. I hope this will be a story like Apple stock. It took about 8 years for that to mature. I know this is a whole different can a worms but I think we are on the right track. I am not selling until the big day. It is good to hear that if we do want to sell, we should not have a problem judging by the responses. Good post!!
  7. Jeez, Does everyone have their panties in a wad? I guess I have to be real nice even though I got my ass handed to me when I did not do my research before posting.
  8. Float, Shmoat. Every time someone goes to a bank site and says "it revalued" or "it's floating", I go to that site's currency converter and I come up with 1170 (or there abouts) Put up a post after something has really happened. Oh wait a minute, this site won't exist if it really happened. So as long as you see TD selling you can bet your dinar is still at 1170.
  9. Somebody correct me if I am wrong. The Iraq Dinar is not being traded at any currency trading houses, so why is XE reporting anything. When it plummets on Forex I will S**t, otherwise we are on track to make money here. That is all you have to know. Sit tight and pay attention to "REAL" news. Keep your eye on CBI. When that changes, you can take your valuable Iraq Dinar to the bank and exchange it for USD. Until then, stay cool and relax.
  10. Sorry man, I am a dinar Junkie. My spare cash goes there. I will wait until supply is short and prices are high.
  11. Thank you for the posts Ok I was 5 years old when "Big Daddy" Ed Roth was doing his art work and yes I had the Hot Rods. I had quite a collection when I was young. One of the main Characters was Rat Fink.
  12. You have to think of the money you put into this as buying GM stock right after bankruptcy. It will take time. A while back I put up a post saying that this will increase like any stock. As the country becomes more profitable, the more people will pay for the currency. Well I got bashed for that one. I have read on several sites why it will not go up 10,000%. I can't post it here because it is not allowed. do your own reading on other sites that are not censored. I still believe Iraq has a long way to go. I "INVESTED" because I am investor. I don't believe this is a lottery ticket. This will
  13. Sounds upbeat, Ilike it! It's nice to hear good news again.
  14. I like it! RV would be good right about now. I wonder what I would tell the boss. Oh wait, I am the boss.
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