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  1. Seem like it's always the minister of defense and interior that takes a little longer. I think it was the same last election too.
  2. This happens this time every year so far... there is always one Guru spouting the craziest crap they can think of that might seem logical to hungry little birdies. Last year it was Okie.
  3. oh noooo not muslims... come on man a politician is a politician no matter what race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion they practice. All self serving, power hungry people who are in the 1% who tell us they have our best interest in mind. I'm sure that we have had all different kinds of religions in D.C. but it's not so easy to tell because their name isn't alakalakalaka shahim or whatever.
  4. Man as much as I want to think that this is what they mean I think it just means they are going to talk about it. Really I wouldn't think they would just come out and say it like this.
  5. Whaaat?!?! see I heard it was going to be an NFL player to come out and now the NBA steals the spot light? Also comon man what about Dennis Rodman? lol and this guy isn't famous enough for this it needed to be someone famous lol
  6. I almost feel like I should not comment on this because it will get lost in the shuffle of people agree and posting scripture to support what has already been put because I feel like this site is predominately Christian's and Conservatives and everyone who is not gets "negged" alot even if they make a valid argument without being disrespectful but someone gets mad or defiant to the point where they just hit the neg and keep moving and then feel like God should pat them on the back for sticking to their beliefs. Unfortunately for the Christians there is no leeway in this matter. The bible clearly gives no wiggle room for homosexuality. That said this issue is not about whose bible says what. Automatically Christian people hear this topic (I'm guilty of it too being a Christian since birth practically) and think no they can't allow a man and a man or woman and woman to get married it's against the bible. However the constitution states a clear separation of church and state (even though it's not strictly followed in all areas) but take note fellow christian's not everything that is in the Bible is law in our country. Luckily it is not... take our present situation with Iraq where a lot of their laws are based on religion and look where their country is... or how about the extremist Muslims who believe that everyone who does not accept their ways should die? How is that working for them? The bible talks about interracial marriages being a sin but that is allowed now... so at what point is our righteous indignation actually breaking Christ's golden rule of love? I believe that the world questions the Christian love walk on this topic because of the venomous bigotry that comes out by so called Christians who are not educated enough to represent us as Christians. I believe there are a lot of Christians out there who realize that the world is not always going to match up with their beliefs... the Bible tells them to be in the world but not of it, so to walk in Grace means to raise yourself up above the standard of the Law. People who don't believe in what you believe in shouldn't be made to live by your standards because they are not part of that Holy people or that Royal Priesthood. America is not a Christian nation it just happens to have a Christian majority. Yes we all have our lines that we draw but that is for your life and your convictions. We can only pray for the people that need the law to give them some type of moral compass. There is no fight here... now if you believe that two people getting married is infringing on your civil rights in a negative way then speak up. But if you want to take your beliefs out of it and look at it from an economical stand point. The marriage business is going to boom. STD's will likely be reduced because you won't have so many *** partners just sleeping around because they are uncommitted. The fact is that they are also citizens of this country who deserve to have the same rights as any other consenting adults wanting to spend the rest of their life together. Let's face the fact that Marriage is not a holy sacrament any longer that all stopped when people started getting married at the beach lol.
  7. I think the fact that we are seeing articles like this... and the articles saying that they have no interest in deleting the three zeros or whatever are straight forward misdirection... but then again based on what they have done in the past maybe they are saying exactly what they think. Hard to tell nothing to do but wait.
  8. wait what? removing the zeros helps the eco? are you sure? seems like that would be lopping to me... but maybe I'm understanding you wrong.
  9. Don't know why everyone freaks out about these things the government can do what they want and so tada let's just push this back a little and worry about it then.
  10. Okie is referring to the archaic 2nd amendment which gives us the right to bear arms. Which I am in agreement with but the law doesn't take into account assault rifles and people with mental health issues. They were more about protecting what is theirs and hunting back then, and a gun wasn't an automatic weapon nor the killing machines that they are now, so with that said bearing arms is a very loose law in my opinion. The legislation needs to reflect the times. I think legislators don't change things till it affects things. IE: Texas still has a law that you have to notify the sheriff if your bringing a motorized vehicle in the city limits.
  11. I feel the same Briscoe. I just really want this thing to be over. I know what Jeepguy is talking about it does have a pattern to it... especially around this time of year things seem to get done and then a big nothing and a bunch of talk about what they want to do the next year. However I can see what Briscoe is saying there definitely seems to be ALOT more things happening in the last two years, so it definitely feels like there is some move ment.
  12. Don't assume they will not honor the old currency for people who hold dinars outside of the country.
  13. Sounds like they WERE in danger. But at least no one was hurt.
  14. Maybe snice this discussion on terms happened in Sept he is indicating that they wwould not implement it till next year?
  15. wow this is one of the strongest nay-saying posts... I just don't get WHY people like that would bother trying to WARN us that we are being duped. I understand the large difference between what has happened in the past and what we are hoping to happen. The fact remains that sometimes there are opportunities that come along that people turn down because... "There is no way that will ever happen and there has never been anything like it that has happened before". But I submit this thought to you people who let logic, and research make ALL of your decisions... How many stories have you heard of people having regret for the rest of their lives because they didn't get in on a ground floor investment, and then that stock turns into Microsoft caliber or Google? Sometimes you have to listen to your instincts. I encourage you to go read a book called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Then think to yourself why are you fighting so hard to change people's minds about this? Probably because you just want more people in your miserable company when you end up missing an opportunity. The difference between people that are successful and those that are not is that some people know how to recognize an opportunity. There is no such thing as a sure thing.
  16. For my two cents it just doesn't make sense why they would come out and say hey every body this is what we are going to do... over and over and over... we have been hearing the same thing for years. At this point is it just posturing by the CBI officials? because if they really had the power to just do what they want to do would it have not been done already?
  17. that's an interesting statement their political conditions have not stopped them from approving their budget in the past
  18. I believe that was mentioned in the email
  19. Broke he said the LOP is a made up thing not the "deletion of Zeros" we don't really know if they are talking about deleting the zeros because of the rise of exchange rate or what. I don't even think LOP is a technical term for that whole process. Either way people shouldn't be scared of a LOP sure alot of people are hopeful that this investment will make them lots of money but a LOP is basically breaking even pretty much. At least you can sell your Dinar back at any time. That should be encouraging. Also if you guys believe that your not lied to for profit everyday then your naive. People want everything so black and white but the world just doesn't work that way.
  20. I don't think just because Obama got elected bosses went in the next day and said... well I gotta let you go... come on these losses were probably already going to happen. That said there has been a whole lot of hope and a whole log of change but has the change been good? I think it remains to be seen. Change always causes pain whether it is good or bad. The ones in power claim that everyone has to make sacrifices while they sit fat and happy. The ones who don't have a voice shout that they don't like the plan yet no one can hear them and it is likely they don't have a solution of their own to offer. If you think all this is black and white well then that is probably why you are not a politician. I can only hope that the people that are making the decisions really do have the countries best interest in mind, and are just stupid. But come on I'm sure Obama doesn't just think up these ideas all by himself it's a committee of idiots. One man won't be allowed to bring the country down by himself that is why there are checks and balances... they'll do it by committee
  21. This kind of thing flares up and then goes away because yeah this gets us all hot blooded and blah blah but then everyone gets back into their routines and they stop caring about political stuff till the next big thing happens. The fact is no one is going to really want to do the sacrifice it would take to succeed from the Union. First of all this is not the civil war era the Federal Government is much better trained, and equipped to deal with such a situation. Sorry to tell you guys this but a peaceful succession is not going to happen. Not only that alot of us don't want to succeed because we enjoy the comforts we have as Americans. Say what you want about our credit rating or the direction of our economy a good portion of us enjoy comforts that citizens of other counties can only dream of having and yet we complain about even that because we are too blinded by the things we want to see the things that we should already be thankful about. Whether you look at it logically or act like a 3 year old if a Republican candidate won then there would be no talk of succession or our country is going the wrong way and blah blah... people would just put the blinders on and think well everything will be better now just like I'm sure people who voted for the President have put the blinders on and are saying to themselves "finally we can get the real work done." The problem is to heal things pain is part of the process.
  22. Now is not the time for americans to be divided... we could change things but creating chaos is just going to give way to more corruption. Up holding the principles of this country is what we need to do if your guy didn't win so what it's four years at least it isn't a dictatorship
  23. No one gives DinarThug a hard time about it so I say keep it coming... it's nice to read this shorter versions instead of having to wade through all of their other stuff
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