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  1. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks good.
  2. I think there will never be a SONIC BOOM RV where we see the dinar 1000 it's value in one day. I think we'll see it sneak up a bit at a time like a stock would and in that time people will buy and sell so there's not a billion dollars being changed in a week or so. Just my opinion, but think about it. Doesn't that sound like a way to get the value raised and not impact everything sudden? When it goes up 100 points, some people will sell, some will buy thinking it will go up more. I just think that would be the way it works. So, I do read the boards, but nothing I read changes my mind about anything. My Dinar are in the safe and I'll sell it when I'm ready. The HISTORY unfolding interest me more than the quick buck right now. BUDS!
  3. That is a PRESS RELEASE from a company trying to sell it's service. SMR picks up ANY press releases with certain key words in them. Go to PRWEB dot com and open an account, the write a press release (must be formatted right with a phone number) telling everyone you are the next Michael Jackson and you will have 400 request for autographs in about 24 hours. This is one guy pumping his service, not 'news'
  4. After seeing the guys website. All he is doing is ELIMINATING THE COMPETITION!!!! Scaring people away from buying from anyone but his service. Heck, I have an account with PR Web and I can send out a press release saying TABNDUST is the OFFICIAL Dinar holding service and some of you would send them to me. LOL.... This isn't NEWS GUYS... It's a PRESS RELEASE... HUGE difference.... Anyone can do it
  5. GUYS!!! PR Web is a FREE pres release service that ANYONE can use. I use to use it to get the word out about anything I was involved in when I first got noticed on the Internet. Until you see it from a NEWS SERVICE and not a FREE press release service take it with a grain of salt. It's probably people wanting everyone to stop buying Dinars. Buds chuck
  6. I think many of us get confused when we talk about dollars and big wind falls. So, I explained it to my family like this. Just think of Iraq as a large company, not a country. It was privately held but decided to go public. Well think of us as shareholders in the big company Iraq. We all have the very first 'shares' of the company and we all believe the company is getting ready to earn huge profits. When they do, our 'shares' will be worth a lot more and we'll trade them in and make money. Now of course they get confused and ask if we all cash in our 'shares' won't the company go broke? Or what if there isn't that much money to pay us? Or is it really possible to make that much profit? I then tell them as soon as we cash our stocks in, someone else will be BUYING them hoping that the company isn't finished growing. We are not taking anyone's money. We are selling our shares to another speculator that will invest HUGE AMOUNTS hoping this company goes up even a couple of pennies so they can cash in and make their money. I tell them we are just in on the ground floor and we are willing to take chances that many investors won't. Sure those same investors will flock to buy once it shoots up. They come out in droves investing huge sums of money to make a 10%, 20% or any kind of return on their cash without the worry and headaches we had watching this entire thing unfold. Once I explain it that way they feel better and start reading everything they can about it all. Then I tell them as soon as we make money on this plan, we will find some good Iraqi stocks FOR REAL to invest in. Iraq has to build an entire country. Energy, construction, transportation, shipping or almost any industry will be over there helping rebuild and the opportunities to invest with Iraqi stocks are abundant. Let me know if this sounds right to you guys.
  7. I think it will be much faster than that. I'm no guru, but Iraq is now free to start planning on rebuilding the entire country. Hospitals, museums, tourist attractions and every type of business that we enjoy they can now start building with contracts. Those contracts will have to be in the new currency rate. I'm thinking 30 days tops and I'm no pumper. It just feels that way to me. I have goose bumps watching the UNSC release sanctions on them. I know you have heard it for 6 years but patience will pay off in the next month. My opinion only. tabndust
  8. Another thread has someone (or two) complaining that today SHOULD be the day when they got rich. I think I should say this. Of course it will rise, but because of our 'vested interest' in the MONEY side of it we are missing the HISTORIC day we are watching. These people were enslaved by a mad man for DECADES. Our money is coming but we should look at today as what it is, another day closer to living our dream and Iraq's citizen's Dreams coming true THIS IS HISTORY WE ARE WATCHING. They will speak of this day in a hundred years and we are watching live.
  9. I know, no body knows, but after the big news tomorrow I would bet the big money boys are ready to pull the trigger and buy bunches of Dinar trying to get in at the last moment. So, pretty soon we all know Iraq or CBI must freeze the Dinar to keep a rush out don't they? When CNN announces what we already know from the UNSC the amount of Dinar bought will be staggering (I think). I mean all you have to do is a Google search, read some forums and see that this is the end of a 6 year wait for some. I know if I didn't already have mine that I would RUN to 5/3 for some on the news. My question to you my friends is... How long after the announcement today will it take before the Dinar is stopped from being bought until the announcment of how much it is worth? Personally, I'm thinking it will be frozen TODAY or Tomorrow at the latest, but I could be off by as much as two weeks. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. honestly think after reading everything that if the rate comes out to about 3.22 like every one is saying then we will times our investment by 3.22. So 1,000,000 = 1060. 1060 X 3.22 = 3413.00 Net $2413.00 Profit for this investment. I don't know want to rain on any parades, but that's just how I see it coming down. I sure hope I'm wrong. BUT it's still a nice quick profit.
  11. It's EASTERN TIME, NYC. Gimme some green points for the cool link bros. Hook me up.
  12. I can give EVERYONE some more good news about people saying that the 25K's will be worth the 25s. Check Ebay right now at how many auctions are going on for 50 - 250- and 500 bills. If they chop the zeros from the big bills like I said earlier then. They would have to change EVERY BILL IN CIRCULATION. I don't see that happening. PS: I wish I had a stack of 500s just in case LOL
  13. Well, you would think the US would WANT us to be invest in the Dinar. IF it hits big they would get 35% of all of our profits. Just sit back and imagine that. If we all had a million Dinar. 1 out of every 3 would do nothing but pay the USA money. Savvy69, this is no guarantee on ANYTHING. It's looking good and thousands of us 'dreamers' have invested in it, A lot are like me. We have some extra cash that can sit around for a while and POTENTIALLY make us big profits. If it doesn't, then we have learned a TON about world markets and taken a small loss in the exchange when we cash it back in if nothing happens. The news today is HUGE! Go read it. Once sanctions are lifter the Dinar becomes a world traded currency again and we are the pioneers helping to build a new free section of the world.
  14. A friend sent me this and said it should be where we can see the UN meeting as it happens. I hope he's right. We'd be watching history unfold right before our eyes. U.N. Schedule for 15th & 17th & Webcast Link Wednesday, December 15, 2010 UNITED NATIONS LIVE WEBCAST 09:45 AM – 10:45 AM Security Council Media Stakeout 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Security Council Meeting: High-level event on Iraq 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM Noon Briefing Friday, December 17, 2010 09:45 AM tabndust
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