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  1. I have a couple of LLC's. and YES! I have a ton to learn, but thank goodness I listened to my mom and learned to read. LOL I'm new to this stuff. I'll catch on to as much as I can. I've never banked offshore. I hope I'm ABLE to someday hahahaha best to us all.............. an RV now could Raise the DEAD chuck PS: Google chuck and Dead Guy and you can find me easy.
  2. I'll want to know if there's a place to cash all of this in without getting smacked with 35% tax. I don't know anything about off shore account, but I'm hoping to learn about them when the RV hits. bring it on....................... chuck
  3. I think the one guy said it best. Don't put all of your eggs in a Dinar basket. If I lose everything I have invested then it was a learning experience. If it hits and hits big. We go someplace warm surrounded by water. Come on RV
  4. I have been reading all of the reports and how everyone is saying that the RV will increase our money, but realistically do any of us REALLY think this could possibly X1000 our investment? I mean 5 times or more would tickle me. Is there any examples in HISTORY where a country's currency worth has increased 100 times? Much less 1000? Don't jump me. I'm just asking. buds chuck
  5. WoW! This sure sounds like good news if I ever heard some. My gut tells me it's coming soon! buds chuck
  6. I didn't get my notes on the spot. They are ordered and I'll have them around Friday she said. Sorry if it sounded that way. To me, when I tell family and friends about what I'm doing some of them say it's not for them and then say it's "too risky". i don't understand this because you can always exchange back right? I mean you might lose bit back to exchange rate, but it's not like penny stocks where the company can fold, right? To me, it's like putting money in a savings account. Like I said I have been reading a while and I just have that 'gut feeling' something is going to happen soon a
  7. Hi guys..... I have been reading for a while and last night I decided in my own mind that it's getting close to actually happening so I made up my mind to jump in with you guys. I went to my 5/3 bank (I have an account there - Columbus, Ohio) and the lady looked up the rate. It was 0.0010661000 So I ordered 250,000 Dinar and it came to 266.53 with no fees of any kind. My questions is ::: I have been seeing exchange rates and places saying you can get 25,000 for about 21 to 23 dollars. I ended up paying 26 straight from my bank. Does it fluctuate minute by minute? Any ways. Thanks for al
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