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  1. I think you have hit it DEAD ON. That way speculators will also be BUYING Dinars as we are selling ours. That way, there's no huge difference and people just cashing in and leaving. While we will be cashing in, others will be buying in because they were on the fence about all of this. We just happen to in on the ground floor. If it starts at .10 - .20 I'll hold mine for a couple of weeks to try and see a trend. buds
  2. Please explain how my bank in Ohio will replace my 25K bill that they had to order? That's where I'm getting lost. If the RV hasn't happened yet, but they call in all 25K notes would I have to sell back to the bank and rebuy? OR..... would all of this happen AFTER the RV? And would be possible to do it unless the currency was revalued? Thanks
  3. I can't help but think about the one poster who read the 'intel' right after the Chap 7 was lifted and wrote a post saying he was going to do a 30 day reserve on 5 million Dinar. He said he doesn't have the 5 grand to buy it if it doesn't RV in those 30 days, but he was willing to pony up 500 bucks on the rumor. I wonder how may people did that about 2-3 weeks ago and are now wondering how to pay for their purchases. Sad,
  4. Columbus here - OSU Alum ---------- O-H
  5. If you know how to write and format a press release you can just about anything you want on PR Web. It's a free press release service. I have used them many times to pump an event I was going to be part of and it looks like real 'news'. Some smaller blog sites grab keywords from PR Web's feed and run the stories. Heck, anyone can do it. You announce you son's birthday as long as you make it sound like news. "Honor Student Reaches Milestone" 'Eight years in the making' LOL
  6. It looks to me as just a note to their partners to have their year end ducks in a row before year's end.
  7. snee2... Great way of looking at it. i always thought the Babel story was kind of like people TRIED to reach heaven, but were stuck without a way to communicate. Maybe I look too 'definite' into it. I always considered the 'tower' as a true structure like a pyramid or a tower like the Washington monument and God scrambling their language to end it because they should going forth instead of going up. Imagine recreating the hanging gardens? Wouldn't that be a tourist destination. buds chuck PS: great discussion. Going to bed. I'll check back in tomorrow
  8. I'm getting a better grip on it now. I never knew that Babylon, Mesopotamia and Iraq were all 3 the same place. So, from my reading (I'm no theologian either.) That Babylon will come back to being a very rich and fruitful place now that they are free and have all of the wonderful resources the land has always had. The great city will be rebuilt and a new 'Tower of Babel" will also be rebuilt. (I am guessing that would be like a tall monument or great high rise like they built in Dubai.) That is what starts the last days in motion? AND, if that's on the mark then wouldn't something about ev
  9. OK, I kid around a lot, but I'm serious about this question. I keep reading in different post about all of this has been prophitized (sp) in the Bible about all of this happening. Is this true? I know that Iraq is the place where the garden of Eden was suppose to be. Mesopotamia I think it was called. Someone explain to me the connection between Iraq's independence and the end of the world or where it's written in Revelations. I'm very curious. Thanks in advance Chuck
  10. In less than 6 months they will HAVE to print new money. ALL OF THEIRS WILL BE OVER HERE!!!!!
  11. Pumpers!! I hate pumpers!!! I'm just glad we invested in the Dinar instead of the Vietnam Dong. Then we would be screaming "Those pumpers of the Dongs!" Dong pumpers!!! "Go ahead mister, pump that Dong and see if I buy it!" "The Dong pumpers are really out in force today mate!" LOL Sorry, I'm not mentally stable.
  12. I was at the time because they "-" me after just trying to have some fun. I'm over it now. Sunshine, Lollipops, Rainbows. buds
  13. smee2 - great post. I was like everyone else. Just wasting a little time. Thanks for understanding. Now seriously for a second. I got into this after extensive reading, studying and checking history. In my true humble opinion I think Iraq's currency HAS TO RISE. I really don't see how it can't. Saddam took everything the country made for his own when he ruled and just think for a minute all of the palaces and cars and things he had. Now, all of that belongs to the people. I'm guessing here but Iraq's population is around 32,200,000 people. So, if they are producing 2.5 million barrels of
  14. I think many of us think alike. We would like to recoup and then roll the dice for the big money or in poker "Go all in" and hope it goes through the roof. BobbyBuns, I never was on Ellen, but like her show. I did TODAY 3 times and many other talk shows. If you Google Dead Guy and Chuck I'm easy to find or Dead Body Guy. Both will show you how I'm making my dreams come true. I'm like whoever said I don't want to die saying "What if" or "If I would've only" That's (I think) is like many of us on here. we are taking the chance, rolling the dice, going all in for a shot at our dream life. So
  15. Thanks bruh; I was just making small talk since we are all waiting for the big news. Someone said I think of things as 'glass half empty'. I say to him that he should go read my website about me. I started as a full blown NOBODY and had a dream and an idea that I wanted to be in TV shows or movies. Even though I lived over 2000 miles from L.A. I never quit trying to live my dream. And I DID IT TOO! BIG TIME! I am living out my dream. I didn't just sit around and wished. This week alone I have been in the news in the UK, Ireland, Venezuela, Macedonia, Japan, Bosnia And HAVE links to pr
  16. HURRY! Put me in an order for 1,000,000 Dong. LOL It just sounds funny.
  17. Before anyone starts grinding my testies into hamburger any more. I did this thread for FUN! You don't HAVE to answer and I don't care which way you go. So, if I have bothered you in any way then sorry man. it was all in fun. YOU GUYS FRIGGIN' GAVE ME TWO MINUSES FOR ASKING A FUN QUESTION IN THE FUN FORUM? I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS THING RV'S SO I CAN WATCH SOME OF YOU COMPLAIN NO MATTER WHAT IT BRINGS. SELFISH FOOLS
  18. What about a nickel? A dime I would take it all and run, so I'm changing it to a nickel. OK, I'm just curious. If we get a RV 'bump' and all of the sudden the Dinar raises to 0.05 FIVE cents on the dollar. That makes our million dinars "if we have that many" worth 50 GRAND from a 1000 dollar investment. So, my question is "would you take your profit and run?" There's a GOOD possibility that it will continue to rise just like a stock and top out at over $3.00 like we have all read. Then again, the country might go into civil war and the money be useless again also in the blink of an eye.
  19. How Cheap Is an Iraqi Life? The thorny debate over compensation payments and why it matters to the U.S. war effort. By Will OremusPosted Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010, at 10:28 AM ET Afghan mourners prepare to bury victims during a funeral in Kunduz. Click image to expand.A funeral in AfghanistanIn 2007, an Iraqi civilian from Baghdad filed a claim for damages against the U.S. Army. In the paperwork he completed, he explained that his son Wa'ad had been driving a taxi one February morning and was on his way home to refuel when a passenger flagged him down. Moments later, a U.S. tank stationed hal
  20. I don't see any 50 notes on Dinar Banker (Tampa) Just fond it WOW!!!!!! 17 THOUSAND dollars for 100,000 Dinar? That isn't even for a Million. 17,000 would be too much (unless they lop)
  21. I like to cover all of my bases so here's my question. If they are going to mess with the larger notes how large will they go? Probably down to the 1000 right? Where can we buy bricks of 50 Dinar notes besides ebay? I'd like to get about 200K of 50s just i case they mess with the big bills. Plus it would look cool have a 'brick" or two of 50s. Thanks chuck
  22. I think when Ali was on the CNN piece that he said he got his Dinars from Kuwait or Dubai or somewhere else that Iraq. I'm sure that's what I heard. DARN! too slow again.
  23. From Who Is.... they changed something on the registration Dec 18th as you can see. they might just be moving servers, or could be anything. The domain is set to expire in 17 days or so. domain: created: 10-Jan-2007 last-changed: 18-Dec-2010 registration-expiration: 10-Jan-2011 status: CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED registrant-firstname: Oneandone registrant-lastname: Private Registration registrant-organization: 1&1 Internet, Inc. - registrant-street1: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300 registrant-street2: ATTN: registrant-pcode: 19087
  24. Don't worry Nathan 11. i was in your shoes a couple of weeks ago when my good friend and teller at 5/3 told me they were going to stop selling Dinars the next Monday. (This was Friday). So, trying to help any little way I can I posted it on the board telling what my good friend told me. Of course, you know what was said. B.S., show me a memo, thanks newbie, blah, blah, blah and some other not so nice things because I didn't actually have a SCAN of the note her boss gave her about stopping the sale of Dinars. Well, they did stop selling them that Monday and MY BRANCH are through selling them
  25. I'll buy back your old confederate notes. 2 to 1. That's more than a bank will pay. LOL buds chuck
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