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  1. Al Gore is a known liar ... Remember him saying he invented the internet? He's a globalist puppet pushing for the demise of America and personal freedoms through slavery to his puppet masters - yet is comparing fighting climate change to abolishing slavery? Sure Al ... go back to your internet-inventing ways!!!
  2. It's a hobby group, founded and funded by a fellow who sold his company to NASA years ago. We're actively working on various rovers, robots and swarm intelligence projects for search and rescue purposes, companions for the elderly, and environmental monitoring. We're testing near wpt and will gradually expand the range - but that's part of the beauty with using bots and swarm intelligence - they don't get migraines or need that much power for the initial prototypes!!
  3. Mine came out looking grey ... I was like ... I spawned an alien
  4. Hey Dive - what chip are you using? I've been working with a few others trying to figure out ways to use electromagnetic power transfer in robots and rovers.
  5. I wonder who the leftie loon was that voted saying they trust the politicians?
  6. NO - of course your liberal-minded eyes won't let you see all the Demoncrat and Hitlery Clinton connections!!!
  7. There's a BIG difference between 'asking a question' and barging into someone's office and shoving a cellphone in someone's face!!! He also pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault. Which doesn't make him a felon!!! American common law has defined assault as an attempt to commit a battery. Assault is typically treated as a misdemeanor and not as a felony (unless it involves a law enforcement officer). The more serious crime of aggravated assault is treated as a felony. I'm a baby?!? Wow you liberals don't like anyone having their own opinion, do you? I've been more than body-slammed before - even had some as$hole point a gun in my face - but I didn't sue anybody - because I don't happen to be the whiny little baby like you seem to think.
  8. Norman L. Eisen, an attorney specializing in fraud, and eventual (in 2009) Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform in the White House, co-founded CREW in 2003. He became known for his stringent ethics and anti-corruption efforts, and for limiting registered lobbyists from taking positions in the administration.[5][21] Melanie Sloan served as CREW's first executive director. In August 2014 former Republican activist and current Democratic activist David Brock was elected chairman of CREW's board, and Sloan announced her intention to resign as executive director, pending Brock's hiring of a new executive director. Prior to co-founding CREW in 2003, Sloan served as one of more than 300 Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the District of Columbia from 1998 to 2003 after having worked for congressional Democrats John Conyers, Charles Schumer, and Joseph Biden.[22]Mark Penn, pollster for Bill Gates, Tony Blair, both Bill and Hillarious Clinton, also became a director and vice president at CREW.[23] Brock was elected as CREW's board president after laying out a broad plan to turn the organization into a more muscular organization. Along with Brock's election, consultant David Mercer and investor Wayne Jordan joined CREW's board of directors.[5][24] Noah Bookbinder, a former Justice Department prosecutor and Chief Counsel for the U.S. Senate's Judiciary Committee, was named Executive Director and assigned to head up CREW in March, 2015.[25] Allegations of partisanship CREW operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit prohibited from engaging in partisan activity. In 2010, Ben Smith of Politico described CREW's founding in 2003 as "one of a wave of new groups backed by liberal donors" and called CREW "a vehicle for assaults on largely – but not entirely – Republican targets".[26] An Associated Press story in 2010, however, stated that CREW "has a history of targeting members of Congress representing different races, philosophies and both major parties."[27] The Washington Post has referred to CREW as a "nonpartisan watchdog group",[28] while Fox News refers to them as "a liberal-funded watchdog group",[29] and New York Daily News also describes them as "nonpartisan".[30] U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) charged that CREW was "maliciously false" and "partisan hacks" in calling him corrupt in 2005. The Billings Gazette reported that CREW defended itself:[31] Naomi Seligman, the group's deputy director, said "We've gone after a fair number of Democrats, even in this study" [and Burns] "should be answering the charges, not slinging charges." In 2006, Congressional Quarterly reported, "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has taken aim almost exclusively at GOP members of Congress. Since its founding in 2003, it [helped] investigate 21 lawmakers, only one of them a Democrat" (Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, in a complaint that also targeted Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN), then Senate Majority Leader).[32][33] A report by McClatchy News Service referred to CREW as "a Democratic-leaning watchdog group".[34] In 2007, Ms. Magazine quoted longtime Democratic pollster Celinda Lake as saying, "Corruption was a top issue in the [2006] midterm elections, and CREW was critical to the Democrats' success. The fact that they were bipartisan and had created this dirty-dozen list of corrupt politicians really helped people process that these politicians were acting well outside the norm."[7] The journal Broadcasting & Cable described CREW's former chief legal counsel, Anne Weismann, as "a Democrat-recommended witness and so the closest to an administration defender".[35] In April 2011, CREW was described as "left-leaning" by the Chicago Tribune and Lexington Herald-Leader. When asked in 2014 if CREW would still continue pursuing complaints against Democrats, Brock responded, "No party has a monopoly on corruption and at this early juncture, we are not making categorical statements about anything that we will and won't do. Having said that, our experience has been that the vast amount of violations of the public trust can be found on the conservative side of the aisle."[5]
  9. Really? Gianforte’s actions were self-defense, not assault By Timothy Adams Jun 10, 2017 I’ve heard ad nauseum over the past few weeks how disgraceful it was that Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter and that his actions are an attack on the free press. But the fact is that neither Ben Jacobs, The UK Guardian he works for, nor any newspaper in the state, including the Chronicle, practice anything remotely close to actual journalism or fulfill their roles as guardians of a free press. Journalistic standards dictate reporters be objective, be skeptical, be transparent and be of no ideology. In the weeks and years leading up to the May 25 election outlets like the Guardian published completely untrue and malicious reports alleging Mr. Gianforte is everything from a Nazi, a closet white supremacist, a closet Russian agent, to an evil homophobe. If you believed everything that “reporters” told you, you’d believe Mr. Gianforte to have a secret lair with weapons and plans for world domination. Ironically, the caricature created by “journalists” of all Republicans has now become so cartoonish that only die-hard Democrats can believe it anymore, and the reputation of the field is completely trashed. The work of these “unbiased journalists” spent over two years tracking, recording, harassing and stalking Mr. Gianforte, even before he became a candidate. This extended to Mr. Gianforte’s family, business associates and church members. No human being should be subjected to this just because of their political beliefs. I consider Mr. Gianforte’s actions a matter of self-defense, not assault. The fake “journalists” of the news industry have overseen the drastic loss of faith of normal people in their profession, dwindling readership, disappearing jobs and a complete disgrace of the reputation of their profession. As long as the press continues to behave like bullying, entitled, ideologically driven sycophants, nobody will be that sorry when someone breaks their glasses.
  10. And yet - it NEVER collapsed ... like the twin towers and Building 7 did ... things that make you go hmmmm .....
  11. I'm not sure it would fit with your weekend movie schedule - but I'm sure if you asked your husband to "squeal like a pig" ... He'd get the reference!! :P
  12. A synopsis of the movie is as follows .... Four Atlanta men, Lewis Medlock (Burt Reynolds), Ed Gentry (Jon Voight), Bobby Trippe (Ned Beatty) and Drew Ballinger (Ronny Cox), decide to canoe down a river in the remote northern Georgia wilderness, expecting to have fun and witness the area's unspoiled nature before the fictional Cahulawassee River valley is flooded by construction of a dam. Lewis and Ed are experienced outdoorsmen, while Bobby and Drew are novices. While traveling to their launch site, the men (Bobby in particular) are condescending towards the locals, who are unimpressed by the "city boys". Traveling in pairs, the group's two canoes are briefly separated, with Ed and Bobby getting stranded on the riverbank. They encounter a pair of local men with a shotgun, who force them into the woods at gunpoint. Ed is tied to a tree, while Bobby is forced to strip and raped by one of the men while being forced to "squeal like a pig". As the men prepare to sexually assault Ed, Lewis sneaks up and kills the rapist with an arrow from his recurve bow while the other escapes. After a brief but hotheaded debate between Lewis and Drew about whether to inform the authorities, the men vote to side with Lewis' recommendation to bury the dead man's body and continue on as if nothing had happened. The four continue downriver but encounter a dangerous stretch of rapids, during which Drew suddenly falls into the water and disappears. The other three crash their canoes into rocks, which results in Lewis breaking his leg. Encouraged by Lewis, who believes Drew was shot by the rapist's partner and they are now being stalked, Ed climbs a nearby rock face with the bow while Bobby stays behind to look after Lewis. Ed hides out until the next morning when the stalker appears on the top of the cliff with a rifle; Ed clumsily shoots and kills the man, while accidentally stabbing himself with one of the spare arrows. Ed and Bobby weigh down the body in the river to ensure it will never be found, and repeat the same with Drew's body which they encounter downriver. Upon finally reaching the small town of Aintry, they take Lewis to the hospital. The men carefully concoct a cover story for the authorities about Drew's death and disappearance being an accident, lying about their ordeal to Sheriff Bullard in order to escape a possible double murder charge. The sheriff clearly doesn't believe them, but has no evidence to arrest them and simply tells the men never to come back, to which they agree. The trio vow to keep their story of death and survival a secret for the rest of their lives. Later on, Ed awakens, startled by a nightmare in which a bloated human hand rises from the lake.
  13. LOL ... I think Paul Newman was the salad dressing guy. Burt Reynolds was the 'Bandit' in the Smokey and the Bandit movies ...
  14. Twas a movie ... Burt Reynolds at his macho best lol ...
  15. Yeah - cuz heaven forbid we hurt anybody feelings - You loon!!!!
  16. You love putting words in other people's mouths don't ya Shabs? I never said that!! I was pointing out the lunacy of blaming natural erosion on climate change while also pointing out that considering the land is ONLY four feet above sea level at its highest point - whom, with a sane mind would build on it expecting it would never be flooded, much less slowly eroded away. There's a reason you're discouraged from building on flood planes and sea level - it's engineering 101 - or it used to be. - who knows what the idiot demoncrats have rammed through the school curriculum since I graduated besides teaching 6 year olds about sex.
  17. Comey had coaching from Mueller to prepare his testimony last week - where's Mueller recusal? AND Comey received protection from prosecution for testifying? What did he have to lose if he lied his ass off?
  18. Time to start locking up every damn demoncrat that has called for resistance to the legally-elected President because they're so butt-hurt they lost!!!
  19. You ever lived on the coast? Do you know what erosion is? Erosion is caused by wind, tides and poor land protection management. Never mind the island is only four feet above sea level to begin with!!! What kind of dumbass builds a home on flood plane? Or an island ONLY 4' about sea level? The problem with this island is they hadn't built a protective barrier to keep the sand on the beaches and instead it's been floating out with the tides ... It's not because the island is sinking from rising sea water levels. BUT Climate-change Dummies want to make it all about their globalists master's plans and policies of robbing you until you've got no money left and are forced to be their slaves for life and the life of your offspring!!!
  20. That Obama started?!? You mean all the optimism that was put into the market because Trump won? I'll give bummer as much credit for the economy as you'll give Trump for being elected - zero!!! Bummer stole billions of dollars from Fannie and Freddie to prop up his failed ACA - so he could have a legacy when he got booted to the curb. Sadly even that has been exposed for the fraud it was ...
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