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  1. My bad ... I forgot to look at what the actual rate was before I hit send. I figured someone would correct me if I was wrong - and I knew as soon as I sent it that I was. Thanks BIGCG
  2. How do you account for the rate of $3.225 IF the IQD:USD conversion rate was 1160 in 2004?
  3. So she's on First.... then who's on second?
  4. AND I might add ... I'm finally able to shake off that Newbie collar that's been holding me down. I'm a Member ... I'm a Member !!!
  5. Considering all the "Gurus" and their magic looking-glasses with their ever-changing rates and dates with no excuses for the failure of their "Intel" - a proactive approach like Luvs2hike27 should "earn" him the Guru-of-the-Day status. My hats off to you sir - you have more between your ears than many others who don't know when to shut up already!!!
  6. Thanks PB, I get frustrated looking at some of the convoluted calculations people come up to try and make the numbers work for them.
  7. Why does everyone insist on dividing when trying to make a simple calculation? IF 1 dinar costs 0.00105 USD, then 1,000,000 dinar would equal 1,000,000 times the rate for 1 dinar - in this case 0.00105 USD 1,000,000 x 0.00105 = $1,050
  8. If the rate is 0.00105 then 1 million dinar would cost $1,050 ... NO?
  9. OMG ... do math much ?!? I KWD cannot be equal to $0.2813 and $3.56 at the same time. IF 1 KWD = $0.2813 USD and 1 KWD = 0.1000 IQD then 1 IQD would be equal to $2.813 USD (multiply both numbers by 10 to get the equivalent of 1 IQD)
  10. Does anyone know, or have they heard IF they intend to man those 5,000 lines? Imagine, one person for ten lines is 500 employees at $9 an hour - that is quite the payroll.
  11. Keep, Just so you know - Martha Stewart was not convicted of insider-trading nor was she charged with insider-trading. Her crime was conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and providing false information to federal investigators. The only persons that can be convicted of insider-trading are company executives and employees. Martha was given the tip to sell the stock (not in her company, but another one) from her broker who got the info from an insider of ImClone.
  12. From the article ... "Not long ago, the Internet buzzed with rumors that Donald Trump had sunk $30 million into the Iraqi dinar. The fact is, most serious investors wouldn’t touch the stuff. Those who do are generally average joes, people who plow no more than a few thousand into their portfolios. The abiding hope among such investors is that as stability returns to Iraq, its currency will be revalued — perhaps even reach parity with the dollar. If that happens, the Nebraska housewife with 800 bucks’ worth of bank notes stashed beneath her bed would wake up a millionaire. It’s this, the possibility of an abrupt and staggering windfall, that keeps people coming back for more.:
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