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  1. Isn't it puff ** puff ** pass out !!
  2. I saw a very similar post to this about four or five months ago. It was supposedly a done deal then - BUT apparently NOT !!! It appears the person also contradicted his/ herself in the story where they said that they were told by their attorney that it was tied to the Dinar - but they noticed months before their attorney told them - sure you did skippy !!!.
  3. Yup ... sure you will !!! Only one person in all of Switzerland cashed in? I don't GET it. ha ha .. .love the Swedish Chef !!!
  4. Or they ONLY allow cash in on Saturday or Sunday
  5. I agree BanG ... I've got nothing wrong with people posting the rumours and I am not one to shoot the messenger ... I would tend to shoot the fabricator of the rumour ... or fibber, as it were.
  6. Had to give you a + because there is NO WAY you deserve negatives for that humour. Should I say that again ... maybe louder ... it's ... H - U - M - O - U - R ... or as my friends south of the 49th parallel would say ... humor !! Get over yourselves people, it's okay to have fun. Kenman ... was it the official PD Magic 8 Ball you were using?
  7. ha ha ha ... *** cough, cough ... sputter ... cough *** Great !! Now, I gotta clean my monitor before the milk curdles !! !
  8. Ah .. at least you caught the Scottish accent - that's what I was going for. How's this: I dunno Cap'n ... we're doooin' warp speeed arready - I caanna make 'er go any faaster
  9. Me loves a wee lass in a kilt - nay, better yet - me loves a lass in a wee kilt !!!
  10. The ONLY thing our dear friend Okie is trying to help is his ego
  11. I see it was ... Mods - feel free to delete this topic.
  12. Was this posted yet? bluwolf Rumor: 3/31/11 (Text stating RV to happen at 5pm EST Sun.) April 1st, 2011 08:06 am · Posted in DOOZIES 4:42 PM [wings] Agent 007] Text from bluwolf at 5:20 pm eastern 3/31/11 Thomson Reuters system: lock in all rv rates on Friday at 10 pm pacific. They are released on Sunday at 5 pm eastern. Seen in US on Monday 9 am eastern. He asked that I share this with all of you. Please remember this must be taken as rumor!!! 4:43 PM [wings] this is from another site 4:43 PM [wings] got to run gang bbl
  13. Man, that Okie sure doesn't know when to shut up. I guess the limelight keeps calling as he has posted twice that he wouldn't post again ... yet - here he is !!! At least he's stopped with the Boy Scout / Cowboys / Indians / crap ... but we're back on the high seas !!!
  14. I don't know about you - BUT when I try to hold my socks and get on with life - I usually end up tripping over myself and falling down. And I don't know if you have ever tried it, but trying to drive while holding one's socks IS NOT recommended - I kept bumping my head on the steering wheel. That IS of course, when I could reach my socks !!
  15. I thought Okie was "the guy" in the know !! or so he says !!
  16. Shouldn't Iraq know before the white house - after all it's their central bank bringing this down. .. er ... up !!! The ONLY thing missing in this intel - was the April Fool's smiley face
  17. Good gracious ... that thing just keeps shooting and shooting and shooting ...
  18. Bud ?? I'll bring some real beer - maybe some Moosehead or Alexander Keiths
  19. You poor lost soul, Okie of Planet D You keep promising an already done RV. Truth be told, you're intel is wretched, As out your arse you seemingly fetch it. You said you'd post no more, with your usual Okie tact Cause everything you'd say, would be after-the-fact. Yet you couldn't even last a mere twenty-four hours Without adulation and praise from your sheepish followers. Once again you have said, you'll abstain from making a post But the spotlight beckons and you'll be looking to boast Of new intel you've been given and must present in code About the riches we'll enjoy from the RV mother lode.
  20. Vern, Did you fall off the ladder again? Looks like your attempt at higher learning bounced you off your bean !!
  21. Aaaahhh ... Okie's MONKEY arse !! I was trying to figure out what a money's arese was. ha ha ha !!!
  22. You had me at pilgrim ... then ya lost me !!!
  23. What the Heck ?!? Did I just walk into the middle of a John Wayne movie ???
  24. What ?!? I can buy sneakers that will make my butt smaller ... WHERE ???
  25. Shinni ... You're really enjoying that new bad-as$ look - remind me not to get on your wrong side. Then again, I'm a cartoon coyote ... I doubt You could do anything worse than some of the things that bleepin' roadrunner did to me.
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