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  1. Is it just me? Or does this part stink of collusion? WHY is a DNC crisis manager speaking for the family? Have they been threatened with more deaths if they don't allow poor Seth's death to be properly investigated? Has Hitlery and the Clinton Mafia finally taken one life too many?
  2. You mean the same James Clapper who has already been caught telling lies to congress?
  3. Drugs, drugs, drugs ... When will governments take the power away from the FDA and congressmen and congresswomen being paid to keep these pharmaceutical companies raking in billions of dollars while keeping 'holistic and ancient' medicines out of the hands of the general public? Our ancestors never died from cancers, or vaccinations, or any other of the latest killer diseases being developed out of these companies or Monsanto's GMO foods
  4. NO surprise there!!! Wait til France is overrun ... no wait - so overrun by illegal migrants that it is no longer even French!!! Then maybe that stolen election will come back to haunt those that were hoodwinked into believing that they really wanted the EU to take over France!!
  5. WHY do you keep pushing the media narrative!!! Trump leaked nothing!! The bigger problem is that there are persons who work in the Trump government (Obama and Hitlery supporters) that want him to fail so badly that they are committing crimes by perjuring themselves and putting out outright lies to the media.
  6. Magawatt - it's got nothing to do with what Trump said - it's a calculated move by the Fed to tank the economy for political reasons Is Janet Yellen Trying to Trigger a Recession For Political Purposes? by Phoenix Capital... Mar 8, 2017 4:12 PM 0 SHARES Trump might want to put a call in to Janet Yellen. The Fed is supposed to be a neutral, independent entity. However, that myth went out the window when Bernanke “gifted” QE 3 to Obama in 2012 to aid with the latter’s re-election bid. The Yellen Fed seems to be even more committed to defining the Fed as nothing more than a leftist establishment mechanism. Back in October when it still looked like Hillarious Clinton would win the 2016 Presidential election, Yellen commented that she was considering letting the economy run “hot” meaning allowing inflation to rise without implementing additional rate hikes. One month later, Donald Trump won the Presidency and Yellen announced she wanted to hike rates in December with three more additional hikes in 2017. Now, 3Q16 growth was supposedly 3.5%. If that had been true, then Yes, the Fed should consider hiking. However, since that time GDP growth has collapsed. 4Q16 growth came in at a measly 1.9%. And 1Q17 GDP growth has collapsed from a forecast of 3% in early February to 1.2% today! And Yellen is still pushing to hike rates. So, back in October, when the economy was supposedly growing at an annualized rate of 3.5% Yellen wanted to let the economy run “hot.” And now that the economy is growing 2% rate (and soon to be sub-1% rate based on projections) she wants to hike rates multiple times. Let that sink in for a moment. It is very difficult to look at the above and not come to the conclusion that Janet Yellen is actively trying to thwart the Trump Presidency. For 8 years under Obama she signed off on maintaining interest rates at zero, permitting the debt to double. Now that Trump is in office, Yellen wants to hike rates four times in 12 months. And she’s begun worrying about debt levels in her speeches. Seriously? The wise thing for Trump would be to ask for Yellen’s resignation. She has completely compromised any last credibility the Fed might have. And she’s now actively pushing to hurt the economy by hiking rates at a time when growth is already rapidly slowing.
  7. So what you're saying is a huge law firm that has many, many lawyers - some of whom may work for Russian businesses ... ALL work for Trump? and therefore he has Russian ties? Why not investigate the Podesta brothers and the Clinton's direct ties to Russia - there's some real news!!!
  8. Remember all those phones and tablets Hitlery kept losing? Do you know one of the best ways to reveal secret information is to leave it open on your phone, laptop or tablet and then use that device as a drop ... for your counterspy to pick up and use as they please. And then conveniently say you lost your blackberry again !!! and request another from the State Department.
  9. Cornered? Seriously? What grade are you in? The Trump truths you spout are the same ones the liberal lame stream media puts out constantly ... it doesn't mean they're right - nor that they truly represent the Donald for whom he is!!
  10. Deny, deflect or lie ... You've got your Alinsky tactics down pat. But considering the subject matter and the headline I had to see what the supposed story behind the headline was. And in true Guardian fashion, it was misleading to say the least. It's sad you can't see it for what it is - or worse - refuse to see it for what it is!!!
  11. The point was - the Guardian decided to make the story about an attack on the freedom of the press - when in fact the story is about a person's right to safety and security from fear of being attacked!!
  12. NO - It had nothing to do with quieting free speech ... US Capitol police said in a criminal complaint that Daniel Ralph Heyman, 54, was yelling questions at the two. It says he tried to breach Secret Service security and had to be removed from a hallway at the Capitol.
  14. In response to the previous query though - Obama met with a Cuban dictator, an Argentinian dictator, a dictator from Gabon, and a Chilean dictator ... to name a few ... If it sounds like we've had this debate before, we have. In the 2008 presidential campaign, one of the defining differences between then-senators Barack Obama and Hillarious Clinton was the degree to which Obama was willing to talk to adversaries. Clinton was cool to talks with countries like Iran, North Korea and Cuba. Obama said he would talk to them "without preconditions." "I do think that it's important for the United States not just to talk to its friends, but also to talk to its enemies. In fact, that's where diplomacy makes the biggest difference," Obama said in a 2008 debate. During his presidency, Obama opened up a channel to Iran, forging a deal to allow nuclear inspections in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. He made a historic visit to Cuba, even attending a baseball game with Cuban President Raul Castro despite continued concerns about Cuba's human rights record. And while he often gave the silent treatment to allies in Turkey and Egypt, he continued to quietly provide them with military assistance. Obama’s Dictators Rowan Scarborough | Monday Jun 20, 2011 3:01 AM Share on Facebook [This article was originally published as the cover story from the June 20 issue of Human Events newspaper.] President Obama this month opened the White House and, with it, the stature of a presidential photo-op to one of the worst dictators in Africa: Gabon’s Ali Bongo Ondimba. The Bongo family (his father ruled the oil-rich nation for over 40 years) has stolen a big chunk of the impoverished nation’s gross domestic product, press reports say. The riches have allowed the Bongos to live a life of ostentatious luxury. They buy million-dollar homes in Hollywood and France and spend gobs of money on around-the-world shopping trips. Even the mainstream media noted the oddity of an American President on June 9 putting down the red carpet for such an unsavory despot. “The family that has ruled the African nation of Gabon for decades has been accused of taking bribes, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars and presiding over a system rife with corruption, but that hasn’t stopped President Obama from inviting President Ali Bongo of Gabon to the White House Thursday,” said ABC’s Brian Ross. One dictator on one day at the White House might be excused as playing diplomacy with the hand you’re dealt. But there seems to be a pattern with this President of reaching out to the worst, while snubbing the best. A year before Bongo came to town, the leader of a staunch ally visited the White House. There was no red carpet. No photo-op. No dinner. Obama treated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like a troublesome kid he had to scare straight. Netanyahu was shuffled off to an office where the President abruptly left the meeting with the words “let me know if there is anything new,” according to The Times of London, after he failed to get the prime minister to give in to the Palestinians. When Netanyahu returned this spring, he did get a photo-op. But Obama dissed him once again. He laid the framework for the visit by delivering a speech that said Israel had to shrink its borders, putting Netanyahu in the awkward position of having to publicly reject the suicidal plan. Obama’s tortured outreach to the Muslim world has found Secretary of State Hillarious Clinton referring to Syrian henchmen Bashar Assad as a “reformer.” When they met, Obama bowed before the Saudi Arabian king. That country’s money and ideology have done more to fuel radical Islam than any other’s. Obama often criticizes Jerusalem, but rarely mentions Hamas, the U.S.-designated terrorist organization that vows to destroy Israel. It was Obama’s outreach to the renegade regime in Iran that started his troublesome tilt away from Israel. Obama believed the magic of his presence would convince Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the one fueling deadly insurgents in Iraq and a nuclear weapons program at home, to sit down and talk. One of his first acts as President in 2009 was to send a personal letter to Iran’s ultimate leader, Ayatollah Ali Kamenei, seeking a discussion on issues of mutual interest, such as Tehran’s determination to build nukes and destroy Israel. He also cut a video to the Iranian people, calling Iran one of the world’s “great civilizations.” “We have serious differences that have grown over time,” Obama said. “My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us and to pursuing constructive ties among the United States, Iran and the international community.” When Ahmadinejad brutally put down a rebellion after he won what the regime calls an election later that year, the White House was mostly silent. Two years later, what some view as a show of weakness has gotten the U.S. no where. Iran is still trying to kill U.S. troops and make nukes. Ahmadinejad proclaimed this week he is forming an anti-West axis of Iran, Russia and China to make life even more difficult for America. At the same time the White House was talking nice to despots in Iran, it was planning to pull the rug out from under two loyal European allies. The increasingly authoritarian regime in Moscow did not like George W. Bush’s deal to place missile interceptors in Poland and an advanced radar in the Czech Republic to protect Europe from Iran’s gathering storm. Hillarious Clinton wanted to “reset” relations with Russia. So the Obama people would move closer to one-party rulers in Russia and move away from newly democratic Eastern Europe. Obama dumped the missile defense deals to make Vladimir Putin happy. It highly embarrassed Poland and the Czech Republic, who had invested much political capital to win over opponents. Just last week, the Czech defense minister announced he was pulling out of the minor missile defense role the White House offered in place of the Bush plan to host a far-looking tracking radar. The White House was busy in 2009 offending old friends, too. And there is no better old friend than Great Britain. After the 9-11 attacks, British Prime Minister Tony Blair rushed to Washington in a show of solidarity in a war still being fought 10 years later. He loaned as a symbol of this alliance a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. In an earlier era, with the world at war, Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt formed a special alliance to defeat another fanatical enemy. Britain wanted to extend the bust loan during Obama’s time. But the president sent it packing—literally. Hugo Chavez There is no more anti-American, anti-democratic leader in this hemisphere than Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Chavez denounces the U.S.A. regularly as he forges closer economic and military ties with Iran and other Socialist rebels in South America. When Obama and Chavez met for the first time in 2009 at the Summit of the Americas, the two smiled warmly and exchanged a power hand shake. Obama initiated the meeting. He always does with these kinds of people. There is no indication he in any way protested Chavez’s Cuba-like crack-down that sees a free press, free enterprise and free speech disappearing. “Everywhere in Latin America, enemies of America are going to use the picture of Chavez smiling and meeting with the President as proof that Chavez is now legitimate, that he’s acceptable,“ Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker, told NBC’s “Today“ show. Like Israel in the Middle East, there is no better friend to the U.S. in South America than Colombia. It is fighting drug-smuggling Marxist guerrillas cheered on by Hugo Chavez from over the border. Yet whom did candidate Obama single out for criticism in South America. Who else? Colombia. “I’m concerned frankly about the reports there of the involvement of the Colombian administration with human rights violations and the suppression of workers,” he said in a raw attempt to win labor support by opposing a free trade treaty with Bogota. Obama has stopped his overt outreach to Iran. Perhaps reality has checked his belief he can sweet-talk fanatics. Now, let’s end talk of a “reformer” running Syria and a “reset” for Moscow authoritarians, and a photographed power handshake with the man who threatens to stop South America’s remarkable climb to free markets and democracies.
  15. Maybe because 90% of what the guardian writes is lies and untruths. Unless you believe the lies yourself and are pushing the EU and globalist agenda of depopulation and world government!!
  16. I never said you said that - I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals!!
  17. The EU needs to go back to being what it was before the bankers created it - NOTHING!!!! And stay out of every country's business!!!
  18. Yet when otraitor went on his apology tour and spoke with dictators the world over to apologize for America - that's OK? Seems highly hypocritical to me!!!
  19. I wouldn't subscribe to that piece of globalist trash ... that was my point! " Macron is the favourite to secure the presidency on 7 May. But what is at stake for him is not just winning the race. If he is to govern successfully, he needs a landslide." They push what the elites want the sheeple to think! The people of France want the same think Americans and Canadians want - Stop the wars, stop the rampant migration of terrorist refugees and fix our own countries first!!!
  20. Aaahhhh .... nice ... ummmm .... well .... oh my .... what were we talkin' about
  21. Of course he was ... N'T !!!! Globalists are forecalling his election win just like they did Hitlery's easy "she's got an 80% chance of winning" victory !!! ha ha ha LOL !!!
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