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  1. Alternative ways of treating the Corona virus. I am not a doctor and these are non approved by authorities. I have been dabbling with this stuff for years with good results. You are an adult and can decide for yourself if you want to try these methods.

    1. Get an electrode type silver solution generator. Make sure it has a 1 mA current limiter and auto shut off when it reaches about 20 PPM. You can drink 8 ounces per day. ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER AND PURE SILVER.   

    2. Get a Nebulizer off of Ebay. Use it to breath the silver solution into your lungs and sinuses.

    3. Get an ozone generator to put O3 into the air in your house or (aircraft). This will shorten the life span of any virus etc.

    4. If you take at least 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day and eat right. Your immune system will be much better at fighting any virus off. You also should take 500mcg of K2 per day when taking that much D3. D3 can cause the body to absorb too much calcium. Without enough K2 this can be harmful.        


    D3 an K2.jpg

    Electo Silver Maker.jpg

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  2. Yeah, I hear you.  I would like to point out that even in the most corrupt of circumstances there is still a lot of rat killin'.  Have you seen a picture of Maliki lately?  Wouldn't you say he just plain looks like a rat?  Pretty sure his fate has already been decided and we all wait to see the timing.


    As long as the rat has bribed the right politicians he will get the cheese. Unlikely to get caught in the trap.

  3. I may have a skewed perspective but I think Maliki and associates is a way to tracing a significant number of the corrupt actors inside and outside of Iraq.  Maliki and associates are being allowed to run around doing whatever until the entire drag net pulls them all (or at least the biggest ones locally and internationally) up.  They are running around today picking up all the big pieces of cheese (and sharing morsels with cohorts) thinking they all have means of immunity and can profit.  In my opinion, the longer the drag net is out, the more dire the consequences are for the bad actors.  I read an article posted in DV recently that the international community is interested in identifying and returning the funds absconded from the CBI.  I am pretty sure more drama will unfold but am also pretty sure all the severe villains will get whacked in some way, shape, or form (hopefully in the near future).  I am hoping their demise is via the ICC for legitimate reasons so justice prevails and we all have a more secure future benefit.  Win/Win.


    You would hope. But in a world of blatant corruption I doubt it.

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