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  1. Well, if your comments are not based on "facts" maybe we should call your comments theory. Thanks for your comments.
  2. We have a lot of debt to be forgiven: The financial position of the United States includes assets of at least $269.6 trillion and debts of $145.8 trillion to produce a net worth of at least $123.8 trillion as of Q1 2014. And there is $2.02 trillion worth of Federal Reserve notes in circulation as of December 9, 2020. What will the US dollar be revalued to? We might get lucky with IQD if they don't have to consider stability or security to revalue. Yea! And debt forgiven. How do the banks feel about that debt being forgiven? American banks profited $233 billion in 2019 and is comprised mainly of servicing debt. That's a lot of forgiving!
  3. Thank you for the reminder. I hadn't planned on taking my mattress.
  4. Oh, okay. I'll pack my bags, empty my bank account, sell my property and head for Mexico. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. When our system collapsed in 2008 millions of Americans lost everything and are still recovering, and put the world in economic collapse. Americans lost $9.8 trillion in wealth as their home values plummeted and their retirement accounts vaporized. Are you saying we have to go through a "collapse" again to install a new system?
  6. The USA and China's GDP combined is 36 trillion dollars a year, 40% of the world's GDP annually. Wars and smoke screens would unbalance the economies of the world and security worldwide would be scant. China and America are trading partners. I'm having a hard time seeing why war and smoke screens help global a global reset.
  7. Longtimelurker, What is one of the criteria for an RV for the IQD? Security. Security has been at the forefront of our concerns in Iraq due to another country, Iran, a bordering country, causing insecurity in Iraq and in most of the Middle East. "This "war" is a smoke screen to drain the swamp and launch the new financial systems." Your quote, Longtimelurker. If we are at "war" globally, can you explain how a "war" can be good for global security and the IQD revalue or the global reset, or is this semantics?
  8. We'll find out if McConnell calls the Senate members back to DC prior to the 19th when their session is scheduled to open.
  9. I wonder why McConnell wants Trump impeached? "Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party, according to people familiar with his thinking. The House is voting on Wednesday to formally charge Mr. Trump with inciting violence against the country."
  10. You're welcome, and thank you. I hope you are well too. Happy New Year and wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2021. 😉
  11. FYI - Being pegged to another currency means you are in a basket of currencies. " What Is a Currency Peg? A currency peg is a policy in which a national government sets a specific fixed exchange rate for its currency with a foreign currency or a basket of currencies. Pegging a currency stabilizes the exchange rate between countries. Doing so provides long-term predictability of exchange rates for business planning. However, a currency peg can be challenging to maintain and distort markets if it is too far removed from the natural market price."
  12. Then why make a statement? I have never seen a rate for "contracts." Maybe you have, but I have not. I don't visit dinar sites and read the news everyday and I guess I know why. If I had seen it, I would not have asked the question. Actually, I would be thrilled if contracts were being negotiated with a rate of $1.19. Ecstatic! Thanks. Have a real fine day.
  13. I ask an honest question and you unload on me? Gawd! If you make a statement and someone has a question about it, I assumed you could give more information. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes.
  14. My comment and SIGIR stated 1 IQD would revalue to $1.19. Can you explain "contract" please, and show me where 1 IQD = $1.19. Thanks.
  15. SIGIR, a US government report presented to the US Congress, stated the IQD would revalue to $1.19. Best Guru I can think of.
  16. Mid-January .. Iraq Applies The Electronic Payment System, Exporters And Importers December 31, 2020 The Independent / - The Iraqi government will start implementing the electronic payment system for exporters and importers, as of mid-January. The director of the General Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services, Sarmad Taha Saeed, told the Iraqi News Agency “INA” that the company has signed a contract with the Central Bank regarding electronic payment, as it will be the middle of next month to implement the electronic payment system, which will allow exporters and importers to pay with any card Available. He added that "attractive offers were made to the exporters, by giving 10% of the invoice value free of charge, in support of the Iraqi exporter, as our goal is not only to export, but to be the transfer in Iraqi banks, and to provide hard currency." He pointed out that "the Council of Ministers previously issued a decision to make the export absolute, but we were surprised to stop exporting most of the materials due to the existence of laws that contradict the decision." He explained that "when traders started exporting, they were surprised to stop exporting gravel, aluminum products, etc., as we must obtain sectoral approvals, after which export is allowed." This free site is ad-supported. Learn more
  17. NASDAQ Report Jordan's Capital Bank buys assets from Lebanon's Bank Audi CONTRIBUTOR Suleiman Al-Khamani CREDIT: REUTERS/ALI HASHISHO.AMMAN, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Jordan's Capital Bank Group finalised a deal on Tuesday to acquire top Lebanese lender Bank Audi's AUDI.BY businesses in Iraq and Jordan in move to diversify and expand its operations, the bank's chairman said. Both parties agreed not to disclose the value of the deal, which has secured the necessary approvals from Jordan's Central Bank and the Central Bank of Iraq, Capital Bank Group Chairman Bassem Al-Salem told Reuters. "This agreement responds to Capital Bank's plans to enhance its competitive position and expand its regional and local expansion in Jordan and Iraq," Al-Salem said. It will increase Amman-based Capital Bank Group's assets by about a third to around 3.7 billion Jordanian dinars ($5.23 billion). Shareholders equity will exceed 400 million dinars. Bank Audi expanded in Jordan and Iraq as part of an aggressive regional push before a major financial crisis hit Lebanon and paralysed its banks, forcing some of them to try to divest assets.
  18. I remember banks closing for year-end "audits" which never made sense to me due to electronic banking, and never specific to savings accounts only.
  19. Employees complain: owners of K-Card outlets in Mosul distribute salaries in dollars at the new exchange rate 2020-12-26 07:29 Shafaq News / Employees complained about the exploitation of dozens of exchange offices and K-Card outlets in Mosul, the high exchange rate of the dollar crisis and the confusion in the exchange rate, and they began distributing salaries in dollars, not the Iraqi dinar. Ahmed Nabil told Shafaq News Agency; He is an employee who went to collect his salary that he was surprised after the receipt from the payment machine that the owner of the outlet told him that we only have US dollars and not a dinar. Nabil added that he was forced to receive his salary in dollars and when he went to exchange it in Iraqi dinars You are surprised that the exchange rate in the market is lower than the price that the outlet owner calculated Thus, the outlet owner succeeded in obtaining two commissions from the exchange, the first is the entitlement and the second is the exchange rate difference, indicating that if the market exchange rate is 1400, the outlet owner delivers the salary to the owner with a difference of 2 or 3 thousand dinars, and in this way, manipulation. Ahmed was not the only one, but dozens of employees were subjected to this situation It is not possible for the owners of exchange offices who took advantage of this, because on Fridays and Saturdays there are no banks and they do not have Iraqi cash. As for Muhammad al-Hamdani, a worker at an officially registered outlet, he said that he did not hand over a single salary in US dollars and said that the excuse is correct, but the majority exploited it in order to benefit at the expense of the employee, the retired, and everyone who has a salary. Two days after the continuation of this situation, security sources informed the Shafaq News correspondent, that today the National Security detachments began to follow the (K-Card) outlets and hold accountable those who force employees to receive their salaries in US dollars instead of dinars. On Saturday (19 December 2020), the Central Bank of Iraq officially announced the adjustment of the foreign currency exchange rate (the US dollar) to 145 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars.
  20. RVMYDINAR, we have never been at this place before with our IQD investment and isn't it exciting. For me, the blueprint is clear and Iraq is following an RV plan, a plan we have seen and talked about for a decade. Now we watch and wait, and the only thing we don't know is the exact timeline. But with elections on the horizon, WTO full membership on the way, I believe we have a pretty good map. Even though today we don't know a "date and a rate" the RV is coming IMO. I must say I admire your research and tenacity as few put in the time you have and I look forward to your comments. We are all here with a common goal, so as you say "let's not fight" and just agree to disagree. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and here's to a healthy and prosperous New Year.
  21. I understand, but I think we need to be gentle. There may be an issue we are not aware of but is becoming apparent. Be kind. Merry Christmas!
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