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  1. Haven't seen any info on this, if there is then sorry. Say the cbi lops 3 zeros and re-issues new currency like news articles are saying.How do we exchange our old 25k notes for the new 25 notes? Say there is an expiration date to the old notes(6 months, 1year, 10 years I don't know) like some people say there could be and let's say banks are still not recognizing the Iraq dinar as an exchangable currency. I would imagine that leaves us in a precarious position. Do we send them back to ALi at DinarTrade and he will send us the new currency? There is enough debate to the LOP so let's not go down the road of if it is or is not gonna happen. Just want to have my ducks in a row for all scenarios. It seems there could be a situation we could be stuck w worthless currency unless they allow both old and new currency to be in circulation simultaneously forever. Just a thought bc I can't imagine DinarTrade, DinarBanker, or anyother wholesaler or bank would want to buy expiring currency. If I'm way off please explain. Thx.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows what the process will be on exchanging the 25k notes for 25 notes. If they take away the zeros and we have a timeframe to exchange our notes where do we do that? Send it to the CBI? Jk. Will banks here do it? I'm guessing DinarTrade is out since Ali is on hiatus. If it does LOP and these articles coming out of CBI are right and I'm not gonna make a million dollars overnight then I want to hold my Dinar for the long term. Just don't want them to expire. Thoughts or answers? Thx.
  3. wang

    Thanks suggashane. I guess I was replying to my post while you were replying to it. So thanks for having my back. And I never thought I would take a negative personal but i guess i did. This is why i only read and not post bc it gets to reactional. And I cant stand irrational people, which all the dinar sites are bountiful. Regardless, I would still luv some insight on the topic if anyone has any.
  4. wang

    This is why half the people on here are bull@#$&! I post something and I was extremely objectional about it. You can follow up on the link that i posted which makes it factual not assumption. Either the site is wrong or its right but if its right then something seems weird to me. That's why i checked the CBI site immediately after and explained in my post that nothing had changed on their site. So I simply was looking for insight on this topic, but someone gives me a negatve. lol that cracks me up. Just bc my status says im a newbie that makes me a pumper. LOL again. I guess if you have senior, junior, or administrator next to your name then your more credible. I posted a link, not pumping the sale of the dinar. Ease up people, we all want the same thing to happen in the end.
  5. Well .......I dont know what to think of this but i've been punching my dinar amount on the website converter and it has always been consistent with what is exchangable in the market. About $1=1060 iqd. but tonight after getting of work i punched my total dinar amount in and it calculated 10x higher than usual. Can someone explain? I am posting this in rumors bc i checked on the CBI website and nothing has changed. Please give any insight. Thanks. Here's the link:
  6. So if they know the dinar is gonna revalue, then they have been knowingly paying their deputies $13,500,000 a month for services rendered if it revalues on a 1:1 basis. Just doesn't seem right. Thoughts from anyone?
  7. I kinda agree with Labdog regarding if it hits the open market in a free float that it will go up in value and most people will sell out bc their heart cant handle being in the investment any longer. And you cant blame them for that. For other people that are a little riskier, will prolly hold and see how the market reacts. At what price and when it comes out no one knows. But IMO if it does play out this way, I would sell out of my physical IQD put the cash in a U.S. currency account and rebuy the dinar. This way if something were to happen like a civil war then at least you sold out of it. Better to have the cash in hand then reinvest in Iraq then hold the physical dinar and have something happen. IMO. I could be off a little with this but it's the strategy I would look into. I know i'll be deemed a Newbie but have been in and closely followed this investment for over year now. So basically cash in when you can and then reinvest. IMO
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