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  1. Now now, it could be that Shell simply has not hired the right consultant, ahem brother in law, cousin, nephew. u know what i mean. i suspect large quantities of greed & fraud suck up plenty of time & money inn deals in Iraq
  2. Look at it this way. Okie is going to get it right 1 time. Of course we have no way of telling how long that will take. I don't think he has missed predicting a single weekend, holiday, or just because the wind was blowing. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps some one is feeding him misinformation. But how many pad predictions does it take for a reasonable man to conclude that their "highly placed sources" don't know what they are talking about with regard to an actual date. I think we have seen a number of things going on that put us in a high probability window & I am hopeful that they pull the trigger before someone does something outstandingly stupid & we see further delays and meltdowns.
  3. Did my bit. passed it right on along to some folks who could appreciate it.
  4. Liberals seem to get them confused as well. Cheering on policies that any objective review of facts shows abject sustained failure. If welfare system such a great tool to fix poverty, why does it increase every time we sweeten the benefits. If the most generous benefits packages on the planet for the poor were such a great deal, why are the states with the biggest programs teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Why are corporations in those states packing up their marbles & going elsewhere, taking all of those lovely jobs & tax revenue with them.
  5. Would also enjoy the "Cliff Notes" version. :-)
  6. I gotta admit delta, you & I share the same taste in humor. I have read a number of your humorous posts & have enjoyed them. I hope you have a great day.
  7. 19+ rate, of course they are certifiable. But even a blind hog will find an acorn once in a while, so perhaps timing is close, even though they are having difficulty with the math. There seems to be alot of difficulty with math these days. J
  8. The thing to remember about roth is that it is a great way to avoid taxation on the portion of money put aside for retirement. (tax free withdrawals at retirement) Pay attention to the restrictions on withdrawals & penalties for early withdrawals. It may not be a great strategy depending on your personal circumstances. The part i got hung up on was in order to avoid penalties I had to leave it in the roth for 5 years (take money out sooner & pay the tax +10%), after the 5 year window if still not 591/2 then you would pay just the 10% early withdrawal penalty. The strategy will work great for funds you don't need for 5 years or more & will be 59 1/2 or older when you will be ready to withdraw. Hope that helps.
  9. Well you are making some assumptions. 1) Lets take one of the last reported auctions. 188,000,000 dinar on the 5th I think or approximately 160,000 dollars. (For a country of 24 million people actively trying to grow an economy that looks like peanuts to me) Perhaps more like the amount they need to conduct ordinary business activities, exchanges, pay for imports, stuff that can not be easily put off. I am sure some portion is for speculators, but how could you tell. Yes in the event of a large revalue it will commit them to more cost, but until they are ready for revalue it is just a cost of business. Sure in a perfect world where they know the exact date they want to pull trigger you would expect them to want to minimize currency sales. But they have to be careful not to create a drag on the economy (any more than they already have) by convincing their people that if they hold on to their dinar it will be worth a great deal more later than it is now. I think that is one reason we are seeing all the confusing & contradictory press releases. 2) You are assuming that the numbers reported on website are 100% accurate. If I wanted to conceal intent, having web guy pretend everything is normal would be one of my first strategies. 3) Due to fractional banking & fiat money (the value assigned to any currency is largely what we agree to exchange for it.) for example the US Dollar has a perceived value in the international market that changes based on actions & the story about future value that everyone believes. So how good is the story Iraq can tell about their future prospects to convince the world that their version of monopoly money will have greater value. I believe & many who have invested & Dinar share the belief that their story is not only pretty good, they should be able to get the world to believe it as well, especially if backed by some of the major governments & agencies involved. Personally I would like to see them just get on with it & would happily cheer them on if they decide to sell the story that each dinar should be valued more due to their vast mineral wealth & opportunity to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Just food for thought folks.
  10. Some people really don't like it when you disturb their fantasy with facts. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather have you be able to look at those screens & pee yourself with excitement. Cause then I could do the same
  11. Thank you for your opinion. I think you are wrong. I also find it interesting that you joined today just to immediately post a long thoughtful & unsupported negative opinion.
  12. Actually if you do the numbers they are not really selling that much in terms of current value. convert the numbers to dollars to see for yourself
  13. For those interested. Series 7 test - Means person can sell & receive commission on all investment types, stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. Must be registered with a broker dealer firm to do business. Series 63- Just mutual funds. or at least it was. I haven't looked to see what the current requirements are. Series 65- Person has passed the test to charge for financial advice. Should also be registered with either state or feds depending on size of their practice. Any advisor you are considering should provide you with documentation about his/her credentials & how they are paid up front. before you decide to work with them. Then you should look them up with the registration organizations. for brokers, & state or FINRA for investment advisors, see if there are complaints. Some folks will have additional letters behind their names' CFP, ChFC etc. Look them up so that you understand what the additional training means. Take your time. If you don't like the idea of paying commissions for investment advice, look for a fee only advisor. They will charge either by hour or percentage based on total assets under management. Modern portfolio theory- is a risk management theory that different asset classes, ie stocks, bonds, commodities behave in predictable patterns in relation to each other. In other words, if you properly diversify investment choices you can minimize your overall risk. People who use this theory try to avoid both big gains & big losses in portfolios. Active traders as a general rule try to use research & experience to outperform the market, some are much more successful than others. Any advisor who promises extraordinary returns without risk is lying. My recommendation. Be conservative with your spending. Diversify (don't put all eggs in same basket). Get good advice. Get second opinions. Take your time. Ask lots of questions. :-) Me. I have passed 63, 65, 7 & CFP. spent 17 years in financial services industry. But am no longer active. Jamie
  14. I know that for stocks value of gift is based on published rate on date of gift. Basis of gift, (the amount recipient has to report for tax purposes is based on what u actually paid) At least that was the way it worked last time I had to do this. Of course I am neither CPA or Attorney & you should check to be sure. If you want to do gift now I suggest getting a notarized gifting letter done now, you don't have to physically hand over the dinar til you are ready but I think you can lock in the date (document wise that way) That is how I am doing it, so I suppose I aught to verify that it will work as I expect it will as well.
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