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  1. Well, those that are VIPs know that Adam is most certainly not absent from the site as glory suggests. In my opinion the site is not suffering from a lack of input from him at all. Quite simply, he doesn't report unelss there's something to report and I respect that. If people just take the time to look around and educate themselves there's such a wealth of imformation available to you here. I don't post very often, but instead, I make like a sponge and absorb as much information as possible. I'm not sure what you asked him, but I'm honestly suprised you considered what you got a poor excuse f
  2. The free cash in guide of course Starting around page 6. It really really does answer a lot of questions. Linky: http://dinarnews.net/cashinguide.php
  3. Really? Maybe you're not receiving his emails because I've only been a VIP member for a month or so and I've already been offered two books at next to nothing or free! Additionally, a widget or whatever they're called to save you money! He's also made it very clear (in my opinion) that the biggest advantages to VIP will be post RV when he closes the VIP doors. Stick in there! Go RV!!!!!
  4. Good question! I'm wondering the same
  5. Apologies for my ignorance, but would someone mind explaining a spread so I don't get screwed, blued, and tattooed? :-O My sincerest "thanks' in advance!
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