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  1. See huge red letters...."Notice: IQD may be redenominated" Go here, see attached, any thoughts??
  2. I was reading an article that says that late 2012 to early 2013 the CBI might "remove" the zero's. Let say this is true for a moment. Does anyone have an idea what we'd have to do to trade in our current dinar if this is the case? Would we even have to trade it in? Have we heard from anyone like dinartrade or dinarbanker on what we'd need to do if this was the case? Is there a possibility this is the key event to move this investment in the right direction? Thanks team for any input! I really appreciate any help with this rumor and these questions!
  3. I haven’t looked at the Dinar news in forever and would lover to get caught up. It seems like there is a little buzz these days. To keep my sanity I decided a long time ago to stop reading the message boards and listening to the Gurus. I’d really appreciate the answers to a couple questions. Thanks boys (and girls!) #1 I see a little news out there on changing the denominations of the bills to potentially reduce the massive denominations of Iraq’s Dinar. Would this mean an RV would probably happen then the dinar bills would reduce in denominations? #2 Is it possible they would change th
  4. Everyone can be skeptical if they want…I just wanted to share that with you. TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. Keep the bar low. For those who enjoyed the post, my pleasure! GPOKI: I wouldn’t use the definitely!!
  5. I took this picture and blew it's not photoshopped because it would be way too hard to get the lighting on the camera to reflect off the bills the way it does. Bascially the bills are lighter where the camera reflects off the table. All I am saying is they look pretty authentic. Take that for what its worth.
  6. I did not take this picture but this looks like the lower denoms
  7. Usually the people who have to manage people's money don't have millions...that's why they work!
  8. I Just posted that on thegetteam site under rumors very nicely and they took it down within an hour!
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