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  1. This entire world is going to Hell in a handbasket. Makes me wish i would have been born in the 1800's.
  2. If he isnt careful he could find himself dangling from the same rope as the prior leader of that country... Perfect example of why Iraq aka Arabia isnt even close to being the shadow of what it was 100's of years ago.
  3. IQ, I am glad that you returned safe, let me say that although you could not provide positive intel towards all of our goals, what you did do is what 99 percent of the others with "intel" could not and that is simply tell us the truth from a first hand account and that is priceless in this day and age. Thanks for the great post!
  4. There are good people and bad. With that being said the simple truth is that the over whelming majority of Terrorism world wide is planned, supported, funded, harbored and carried out by Muslims, the bad ones. I think the mods should close this thread as it is getting out of hand.
  5. In my humble opinion, although the state job is unstable, it does provide some benefits, more than being with out a job would be. He is not alone in this, you have too many mouth's to feed and clothe and shelter. I would stick it out until the RV, then take some paid time off to get ALL of my house in order and not make a hasty choice that could turn out fruitless. Best of luck to all of you.
  6. Leave it to Bieber.......
  7. I thought that sharing this would be a good way to end a day when we are all stressed out over the middle east in general... You must watch this video and see how God works in an Emergency Room. Truly amazing....
  8. I'm starting to think I shouldve invested in crude oil instead of this....
  9. I think someone drank the Kool-Aid...
  10. Holy mackeral! It took me most of the day to read it all including half of the links and a couple hours worth of video. A must read is an understatement! My hat is off to Marcus! This answered a lot of my inner questions, and then makes me ask more. He should have a job with the Govt. he could sort some things out!
  11. luv2hike27


    now that there is funny!
  12. Ummmm I saw 4 old classifide adds.....
  13. If the treasury bought the Dinars then I agree, but if the Executive side of Govt used there own funds already allocated to them, and made an investment, I dont see why that money would not be allowed to be used to pay down or off the debt. After all the years of paying $400.00 for a glass and $1000.00 for a toilet seat and then the Stealth planes come out. I feel pretty confident they will do what ever they want anyway...
  14. If they raise the debt ceiling it had better be temporary with an exact end date, and between now and that date congress better be slashing spending. There needs to be a line item veto and a balanced budget amendment. All of the foreign aid needs to be looked at and curtailed drastically so that we may get our own affairs in order.
  15. All I can say is hang on its going to be a long hard bumpy ride....
  16. Hands Tiffany a large Starbucks and a box of chocolates and backs away slowly......
  17. If they would stop blowing crap up over there they wouldnt spread the germs quite as fast.
  18. I got it, the Hunchbacks sister is his manager and agent, and there gonna ride there camels to Nineveh where they are going to compete in an obstacle course against other parties and whoever wins makes it on the list in Nineveh that gets them into two parties!
  19. Don't you think it would be a good idea for him to 1st show respect for the office and set a good example for the rest of us? The guy refuses to prove that he is in compliance with the very first law to be President, show proof of citizenship. He bows to other heads of state. The President of the United States should never bow to anyone. He has berated the USA and citizens all over the world by blaming us for a ton of things. When he starts acting like a president and respecting the Office, and the Constitution he will gain mine as well.
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