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  1. Hope all you Dinar Vet Dads have a wonderfully relaxing day.
  2. Hoosier, I am deeply sorry to read about your loss and my thoughts are with you and the rest of your family. On a lighter note...............I hope all you Dads on here have a wonderfully relaxing day!!
  3. I didn't see the ealier post either so I'm glad you posted it as well Steve.........lots of positive news floating around......end of June's looking good.........I am cautiously optimistic and hopeful.
  4. Thanks for another informative and helpful post, Scooter. You do all the hard work and make it easier for the rest of us to understand the figures. Your the man!
  5. Thank you for your concern, Steve...I am now holding onto something very hard....and I'm still upright......
  6. No matter how hard we try I don't think that any amount of spinning can make a difference as none of us really know what, if any, signifcance there is in whether the auctions do or don't take place leading up to an RV...........I do keep trying but I'm making myself dizzy in the process!
  7. Thanks for's always good to read some intelligent and well informed opinions from Scooter.
  8. At this stage in the preceedings I will thank my lucky stars and be grateful for ANY kind of profit even it's a small one........after all.....this is foreign currency speculation and there were never going to be any guarantees......So, if it comes in low, I will take it and run.
  9. LOL....Yes!! I got it the wrong way round....I meant to say 2 forward and one back!!!
  10. We musn't get too despondent over Adam said in his Q & A last night they are very good at breaking deadlines and setting new ones and in doing so they take one step forward and two steps back. The important thing is that they do keep moving forward albeit it slower than anyone here would like. There is lots of positive talk in recently published articles........keep positive, keep your expectations sensible and in the meantime enjoy life as best you can.
  11. Well thank you!!....Nice to know someone missed me!!!!
  12. Thanks for posting this..............lots of positive talk emerging in articles!
  13. Thanks for posting....Good to read news like this.......another positive step forward.
  14. Tony Bair was talking live on BBC Radio 4 this morning here in the UK........also just checked his official website and there is nothing stated about him being in Iraq this week.
  15. NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland are still selling normally as far as I daughters boyfriend jut bought some.
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