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  1. How about the 1000's of people that are not union but work for GM through the dealers or other suppliers. Where do they enter that line of thinking.
  2. Once Marshall Law is declared all bets are off. Possible TEXAS and maybe a few more states secede from the Union... Just a thought...
  3. My understanding is that this will not be taxed as capital gains, but regular income..
  4. Just had to throw this in. Go TEXANS....
  5. Agreed. Sounds like one of those articles off of RENSE..
  6. This is not going to happen. Get on Google and read about it.
  7. Dont sweat it Replublicans control the house, and it wouldnt make it pass them. Here is some more info ! Learn the Truth about H.R. 4646 An internet rumor has been circulating that claims that I introduced a bill titled H.R. 4646 along with Senator Tom Harkin and that it would levy a 1 percent tax on every financial transaction including credit card transactions and even social security deposits. This is patently false. H.R. 4646 was introduced by Rep. Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania, and has no cosponsors. I oppose this bill because it wrongly taxes all financial transactions, rather than
  8. Being that these are Democrats that offered the bill, the chance of this passing the Republican House are very small..
  9. Email popped up on my phone about 15 minutes ago..
  10. Well, let's hope that when this happens there will be some guidance from the IRS as to what taxes will be....
  11. Pay off Bills, including my kids. New House. Then R-E-T-I-R-E !
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