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  1. I found the Blood Moon calender very interesting God is all knowing , I do believe in his timing Blood, Moon, Boom, I see a pattern
  2. Said committee member MP Hassan al-Bayati said that "the Iraqi dinar is not in its right and true, and the Central Bank of Iraq to take appropriate measures to improve and put it in front of the other currencies This is my fuse to my B M !!! LGD / 3.33 Thanks YOTA !!!
  3. Why would this be a game changer ? G RI G RV Oye ...just read dontlops post !
  4. My friend that got me into the Dinar called me sharing that he's nieces boyfriend could get him a 5.00 rate but need to be holding his Dinar for the group rate, he call me and I just read this post a couple days before. So I told him it was a scam, he confronted the boyfriend who denies any wrong doing. Keep your Dinars safe G RI G RV
  5. Back on line , ahhhh....... feels so G D G RI G RV
  6. Tubbs

    Adams 02/26 Chat

    your text did not c me thru, did you push $end
  7. It is great to see a post from you, always likes your view on the Dinar Does your group know something Good Luck , hope to see more of you G RI G RV
  8. This will be my 5 post ,no big deal considering Yota does this in 48 hrs I would like to tip my hat to Adam and his staff and volunteers who provide this informative site for us RV & or RI seekers - No L P I would like to provide the intel that Yota691,Tbomb,Ronscarpa Eagleeye ,SgtFury DinarThug SnowGlobe,Butifldrm LGD, Jeep Guy,Sand Fly Uncirculd K98nights and a host of others.,I try but they are to fast for me. Thank you and keep it coming !!! I do feel 2014 is the year so i want to be one of first to congratulate each and everyone of you at DV and may your future be awesome. I'm not going no where yet but I may get a chance to fish with you soon. B M Go RI GO RV
  9. B M !!! I'm putting on new fishing line today, Belize report the Tuna's are biting
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