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  1. 4 hours ago, Shabibilicious said:


    And then there's the Trump supporters who may or may not dance with the devil....but they certainly tote his water, nice and straight, never spilling a drop.  As always, just my opinion, from years of observation.


    GO RV, then BV

    I'm the biggest sinner ,was born that way, Trump is also , but his platform is what I believe in I will never get behind a platform that kills human life , socialism, communisms, radicalism, liberalism, evil doing, and hating of the American People.

    I've seen it with my own 2 eye , the left will never convince me that this a great idea.. I'm a sinner I'm not stupid

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Smokey Mtn. Dinar said:

    I found this on Facebook, in a group I belong to over there.


    Image may contain: text

    We all need to stand behind our President & his administration the world is watching us.. pray with all your might , the enemy mock us , your friends and foe will mock us , are you going to fold or rise up , it is our time.. GOD all even the naysayers.. 

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  3. On 10/30/2020 at 7:26 PM, Pepperina said:
       9 hours ago,  Half Crazy Runner said: 

    I’m absolutely convinced that the only way Biden can possibly win is by massive voter fraud. And I’m praying that Trump wins by such a huge margin that even voter fraud can’t help. 

    Man, I pray every night for him and his family as well as the people here and this investment. 

    I’m Praying Right Along With Both of You ! 

     Watching All of Trump’s Rallies.....compared to the pathetic events Biden has.....I can’ even Phantom Biden winning ! 


               :twothumbs::flagsmiley:  TRUMP  for  4 MORE  YEARS :flagsmiley::twothumbs:           

    Please pray & vote for our President to be re-elected 👊🏽

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  4. 12 hours ago, Theseus said:

    I wanted to note here that there are those who wonder where the 1.16 USD rate came from that Shabibi never said in his public statement way back when. This actually comes from doing the math of if they removed the zeros from the exchange rate. If they removed the 3 zeroes this would then mean that 1 USD equals 0.86 dinars. And when you divide 1 USD by 0.86 (1/0.86) you would get 1.16 USD. So no Shabibi did not have to state an exchange rate of 1.16 but he did state the removal of the zeros and through math it was simple division to come up with this rate.  


    In that same vain,, if they were to remove the zeros from the exchange rate today then it would be 1 USD to 0.84 IQD or 1.19 USD to 1 IQD. (1/0.84 = 1.19).  Then if they added something akin to 0.15 USD to this we get 1.34 USD to 1 IQD. The previous post I used LGD's post not the method used to figure out the exchange rate of 1.16 or now would be 1.19.

    1.19 🙏🏽
    GO RV

    GO RI

    GO Belize

    Go Now 😎


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  5. 23 hours ago, ronscarpa said:


    Thanks LB, you're right on at 41.65 Trillion IQD at $35 Billion US. 


    If I remember correctly, back in 2010 it was rumored that we held 3.7-4.0 Trillion IQD, plus what the

    Paris Club nations held, which totaled less than the US and was proportional to war costs.

    Plus, it was rumored that the US negotiated $35/bbl for oil, that we would buy with the IQD we held.


    If you recall The Future of Iraq Project (Bush-Cheny Plan), declassified in mid 2012, stated that the plan (and the Iraqi desire) was to return the IQD back to the Golden Dinar rate of $3.33. 

    The Ministry of Finance used numerous amounts to see what was needed to meet reconstruction 

    and development expenses. They found that $1.138/1 was too low, and that $3.25/1 was adequate.


    So, at $3.25/1 IQD ... 3.7 T IQD = $12.025 T, plus we could buy oil at $35 and sell it at market rate.


    If you recall, President Bush said that not one dime would be spent on the Iraqi war.

    Also, CBI Gov. Shabibi who devised the plan to lift the three zeros indicated it would take 7-10 years

    to complete. This would put it in the 2010-2013 range. Guess who messed up - Obama & Maliki.

    They failed to sign the Status of Forces Agreement Bush had negotiated, then ISIS arose.


    On January 20, 2009, it stood at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office. By the end of 2009 it was 

    $12.2 trillion, and by the end of 2010 it was over $14 Trillion. Looks like the plan could have worked.


    Just a few details from the past to contemplate...!  :salute:RON


    Thanks Ron , I like the info you posted, its most relevant !!!


    Go RI   

    Go RV

    Go BIG

    Go Belize

    Go Around the World

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