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  1. and I find it odd the "test site" doesn't list all the countries on the currency conversion that the true does.
  2. Screen shot of WHOIS registry for
  3. The deeper I dig, the more legit the test site is looking. I'd love to get to the root of who first found it.
  4. The new is hosted by a company called Teknograd in Norway. The "test site" is hosted in germany. I'm still digging to find out more info on "test site". I dont have any doubts to the new being real. I'm questioning the "test site" that says a rate of 1.20. It would be EXTREMELY easy to copy a site, so more than likely someone is sitting back laughing.
  5. official website does not work as well on safari, but works well on google chrome. maybe because of chrome's built in translation feature. The site has always worked for me and i have never seen anything but 1184 on there. Just checked it now and its still 1184. this is a screen shot from the arabic side
  6. ABC-Iran Changes Currency Unit Back to Toman Doesn't look like anything is set in stone yet.
  7. i thought the same thing. But if it was 9.90 IQD and we were at a 1-to-1, that would be $9.90USD for a tomato or a pound of tomatoes. Thats way too expensive. They key is analyzing the rest of the prices in the background. You can see prices but hard to tell what they are priced for. The prices between the tomatoes make me think nothing has changed. BUT, it is cool seeing them use IQD price signs and not USD price signs. Not sure if they have ever listed prices in USD, but that at least shows us they want to use the IQD on day to day normal transactions.
  8. the description of the video in english (according to google translate): Familiy Mall in the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah full description and different views from home and abroad Opening familiy Mall in the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq is very huge building and architectural design stately and impressive If those tomatoes are 990 IQD then that would be .84 cents, right?
  9. Anyone having luck applying online? Have been searching through the website but can't find a link to apply online for a new account.
  10. Can you still apply online on the warka website? I am not seeing the option to apply online.
  11. Has anyone opened up an account with another bank other than Warka? I was considering opening up a few different accounts (Warka, Credit Bank of Iraq & Bank of Baghdad). Searched through threads but couldn't find info on anything but Warka. Thanks in advance for any input/advice.
  12. no date given. not sure why link is not working. if you click "economic news" on the left hand sad that should take to back to all the articles. this article was the third one down
  13. Palm - Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the bill included proposals for a new currency and the categories that bear and details of technical and economic. Saleh pointed out during the permit media changing the currency and delete zeros decision taken by the executive and approved by the legislature, and that the project will not be implemented hastily, but will be taken a number of factors to consider before you start to implement it, including the date of the financial year and the strength of the national economy, among other indicators in th
  14. nice find dogmatic! appreciate the info. very helpful. Anti this anti that, when was it that your friend saw this? WF has not sold IQD for quite some time now.
  15. interesting find. definitely not what I was speaking of. I'll ask around and see if I can get some details on this. I'll do some diggin! is listed at the top website "Anti this Anti that" listed that started this whole thread. "Foreign Currency Exchange Corp" ( is the buyout that mommyof3boys is talking about. Interesting...but probably not related at all to the IQD. has triggered my curiosity though
  16. I'm searching now...unable to find an article on it. I'd be interested to read up on the details of that. I know that at the beginning of the year they purchased a system that allowed branches to be able to deal/hold/handle foreign currency in the branch. Wonder if that'd be what it was talking about. I'm curious...
  17. there is a forum here (cant remember exactly what it is under) that speaks of all current banks still dealing with IQD. 5/3 Bank and Woodforest Bank were the 2 I remember reading. Havent verified personally myself though.
  18. How do you know this site does supply the IQD? Just curious. Previously you stated that you couldn't sign in. So if someone just looked at the screen at a bank... how do you know the website supplies IQD? Not being a jerk, for real want to know...
  19. they have sold it at one point. It has been at least 1 1/2-2 years since they've traded it. not sure why I received a "-1" on my previous post.....? oh well
  20. just because it is not an internationally tradeable currency does not necessarily mean that is why it is not showing on their screens. There are multiple countries that WF does not deal with (mainly the "exotic" currencies) that are still internationally tradeable currencies. But the information is correct, WF still does not have IQD listed as a currency that they currently will trade.
  21. Doc, You're the man. Just thought you should know!
  22. i'm gonna have to take an ambien tonight so i can sleep!!!! Hopefully I'll wake up to some GOOD news in the a.m.!
  23. how does one go about investing in the ISX?! i cant seem to gind a legit way to do it online
  24. I have a coworker that's from Jordan and speaks Arabic. She's going to read it and elaborate what the facts are. I'll keep everyone posted
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