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  1. lobi

    Great news, if true

  2. thank god its done can we go to any bank to cash out ?
  3. I really hope they are serious with this 3,or 4 dollar amount ive been waiting almost ten years for this to happen ive been living day by day like a pauper i dont know how much longer i can live like this .....go rv !!!!!!
  4. lobi

    News from Walkingstick - 6/6/2018

    It would be nice if it were true ....goooooo rrrrrvvvv!!!!!!
  5. lobi

    Wednesday updates

    I dont believe anybody all these gurus are full of crap ill believe when it rvs... go rvvvvvvvvv!
  6. lobi

    Delta - From Iraqi Facebook !

    I am really ready for this to happen . Does anybody know what rate is out there now? GOOOOOOOOOOOOO...RVVVVV!!!
  7. really all i want to look at is the rv go rvvvvvvvvv!!!
  8. lobi

    We Won.

    Hello can anybody tell me what banks are going to help cash in the dinar ? GO RV VVVVVV!!!!!
  9. another new holiday... this sounds like something is going on ive bee invested in this for a long time 8 9 10 years i stopped counting i just want them to get there together and rv already im just getting tired of it all
  10. Let me know when the parade starts i wanna be the one in front with the batton and the hat ...go rvvvvvvvvvvv!!!

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