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  1. Or run away without showing their bitness which is why I'm so open, it's easy being different and doing the right thing when surroundedby deceitful people hiding behind a screen.
  2. Forgetting the FACT (something you're well adapted to) that I hopped out of my truck just seconds after this post and tweeted a picture of me and my truck, here's another pic with MY truck 100 miles away from the last picture. Still waiting on your "Bitness" pic son.
  3. Grab ur balls little boy and show me ur bitness. Of course it's kinda hard trying to explain that ur house is ur bitness and Amway is ur game. Oh and in another hour I'll take another pic with MY truck at a different location. Hopefully by then you may GROW UP.
  4. I THINK YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY SEEK MENTAL HELP. And that isn't meant as a slant,but a sincere request. Now walk outside and take a picture of you in front of your fake business. That's the reason for the memes, I decided to communicate at there level 😯😯
  5. In my experience about the only thing that creates such vehement anger in people is when you take their money. So how much welfare income did you loose
  6. So I'm foolish but Islam is a religion Ya know before you attempt to derail a thread you may wanna skim through it first. There are 9 pages here of the most ATROCIOUS acts of Islamic religion I've ever seen. And You are supporting THAT.
  7. That makes sense, I pray all day long and you think I'm just a zealot mental NUT JOB who actually believed it when God said the earth is his footstool.
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