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  1. Americans could put an abrupt halt to the coming war with one very simple action. Remove ALL your funds from the financial system. Notice how the first world war began shortly after the Fed was created. The second world war around the same time the dollar became the reserve currency. Yes we are definitely heading to war, and the saddest part is that the people who literally have the power to stop it are so dumb down they can't see past there politically created ideology. Stop fighting your fellow citizens and begin fighting the evil that works so hard at getting you to fight your fellow citizens. Banksters and there puppet politicians. Remember, a banker is NOTHING without your money.
  2. Well spoken. I'm taking this move as the final proof Obama HATES America. He is a racist, HATER and will stop at nothing to destroy this nation.
  3. Sorry GG apparently my sense of humor got lost in yours.
  4. Good Lord, people seriously need to lighten up. To quote my favorite radio talk show host, "I love feminism, especially when it's walking in front of me"
  5. How do these people call Islam a religion of peace? How is it that humanity can now be so blinded to the truth. How do you openly dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  6. Sweet Jesus, is there anyone those psychopaths don't want to kill?
  7. Read these articles people, this thing has become airborne. And I find it very difficult to believe that the CDC hasn't figured that out already.
  8. What because there actors they don't have a right to their opinion? I'm sorry for your loss, truly,I have been forced to suffer the exact same loss. I'm not just Lady Grace's Daddy, I'm also Angelica's DADDY. But having lost so much compels me to truth. EVERYONE whether you agree with them or not, has a right to their opinion. And lovingly disagreeing is just compassionate debate.
  9. Tbomb, I didn't get to watch the video, and don't have enough signal to do so now. But I promise for you hun tomorrow I will watch it. Smiley face.
  10. I fail to understand the anger displayed at my post. With complete love I expressed The truth of God's word. This is not about Netanyahu at all, it's about God's people. Think of it like this, your child goes to school and beats up a weaker child for calling him names. Then a complete stranger begins calling your child all manner of evil things. Threatening violence if they could. Now tell me, what would you do? "THERE IS A WAY WHICH SEEMS RIGHT TO MAN, BUT THE ENDS THEREOF IS DEATH" Both of you attack me and for the most part all I've done is give a personal testimony With some quoted scriptures and a gentle warning. As Christians, are we not supposed to be concerned for others salvation? And if I point out something that I perceive to be in error, is that truly a,"JUDGMENT"? Or is it possible that we have a difference of opinion. And nothing more. Now I ask you Why all the hatred? Is this just a conversation, on the internet? Am I not just another insignificant poster in cyberspace? And yet you felt an uncontrollable urge to attack me and in one case call names. I, having a fundamental knowledge of the word of God, could explain to you why you're so enraged at my conversation, however, in the interest of not enraging you Any further I'll leave it up to you to, "DILIGENTLY STUDY RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF GOD, SO AS TO BE FOUND BLAMELESS". May our blessed saviour give you the desires of your heart's.
  11. OH thank goodness. OBUMMMMMMMER's brain storming the situation. That will put the fear of God in them.
  12. Little Jimmy Where's you LOVE for God's people. Where's your love for the truth. Where's your love for Jesus Christ,"IF YOU LOVE ME THEN OBEY ME". Holy Father has clearly stated throughout his word what shall come to pass on those who attack Israel. Is Israel blameless? Maybe, maybe not. But if you really love Jesus Christ then you would love what he loves. And clearly you don't. Please don't take my response as an attack on you. It's not meant as such. I am, "IN LOVE", attempting to speak truth. For it is written,"MANY WILL COME TO ME THAT DAY SAYING LORD LORD, HAVE WE NOT DONE MANY WORKS IN THY NAME. AND JESUS WILL RESPOND. DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY, I NEVER KNEW YOU". I know, I was once one of those people. But then Jesus told me on July 18 1998 That I know more about him then the preacher in front of me. But then he said, "HOWEVER, YOU DON'T KNOW ME". It wasn't personal. Ever wonder why the bible tells us to,"WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING"? Because it's easy for us to lie to ourselves. It's just human nature, we see only what we want to see. I pray God bless you.
  13. It should be noted that these people never broke quarantine procedures. At all times they were in full NBC mock up. And still they were infected with the deadliest disease know to man. This strongly suggest that Ebola, a virus normally spread by bodily fluids , has become airborne. To make the comments about containment that the CDC has been making is comparable to the arrogance of stating the Titanic was unsinkable. I guarantee you that this disease will escape and spread throughout America.
  14. Just as there is no distinction between radical Muslims and supposed peaceful Muslims. And NO our elections are not truthful. Evil is taking over. Only a fool would deny it.
  15. I stopped short of telling this but your post begs me to. My wife is always saying ,"I wish". On our way back from north Dakota we got caught in a blizzard and had to stay at the hotel. I was relaxing on the bed while mommy and lady Grace were in the shower. SUDDENLY both girls come out of the shower buck naked. Before anyone freaks lady Grace is only two years old. I just busted out laughing as my wife said what's so funny? The only response I could give was. ........... wait for it. ................. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT.
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