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  1. The Value went from $3.22 to $0.00083 Exactly, that kind of move at this time would make everyone here extremely happy. I am not trying to be argumentative flatbush but when we changed the currency that was a radical change in value.
  2. Ok, got ya. It's value was apparently .33 cents I'd take that right now. When you went to Iraq in 2004(and thank you for doing so) it then became a worthless and useless currency. Then we ordered the NIQD and gave it a 4000 to one value. In economic terms those are outrages moves for a currency.
  3. ​ According to this, no I am not. That didn't work so I'll just re-post the link.
  4. Holy crap, is this guy getting a little peeved that Iraq missed it February deadline? I have thought this all along, if Iraq doesn't get off there butts and do this then the entire world will retaliate to them.
  5. I wonder if you're really asking a tax question here. If you get a .10 cent rv and cash in in the U.S. you're really only gonna have a .05 cent rv after you give Obummer his cut. Oh and the answer for me is, HELL NO.
  6. Not exactly sure what your referring to. While it wasn't internationally recognized under Saddam it was worth $3.22. That is what any Iraqi who had money could buy with one dinar. Then one day we come in and the next day that currency is suddenly worthless. And please don't try and say that was a different currency. How do you think we can create the NIQD and give it any value at all? I think at the first the NIQD , which is what we all now hold, was GIVEN the value of 4000 to one. Hows that work? You take a piece of paper put some pretty colors on it and give it any kind of value? And before Saddam the IQD held a much much higher value, that has been proven several times over here. What I am saying is simply that, IMO, what gives any countries currency value is partially based on the worth of that country. And again, IMO, they intend to base the value of the NIQD completely on the resources of the country. Sorry my friend but I have to disagree with you on this one. I don't remember the exact value before Saddam, something like $2, But as I stated in the last post, under Saddam it was $3.22.
  7. You gotta just love these guys, they continue to act like children and then when daddy comes in and puts there back against the wall they cry for us to continue protecting them. So they can continue to act like little children. I got a real good idea for the kids in the sandbox, RV your currency and grow up. Then you can move out of daddy's house and stand on your own. Just think of the parties you can have at your own place.
  8. In a word, QE1,2,and 3 And yes you can bet that the dollar will loose it value on this. Probably the same way we went into Iraq and made there currency a thousand time worth less than it was the day before.
  9. Put both hands in the air and take two steps back away form the keyboard, everyting gonna be ayre. Look anyone that has been in this for more than a yr knows exactly how you're feeling, I myself bout went off the deep end a yr ago. Had to take some time away myself. But one thing I do know is that two things are gonna keep happening. 1. The longer these fools take to do this the richer I become. both in currency and in my experience's. That is to say this has helped me to grow allot. 2. And this is very important, THEY WILL DO THIS.
  10. I do remember seeing the video of that on Fox News. Don't recall all the details, but you are correct it did happen.
  11. That's true, with all that is going on in the news it is clear to see that something is about to happen. It's almost like the rats are running for their lives. The amazing thing is they still manage to get stuff done toward an rv.
  12. WOW, I for one thank you for showing us this. Have wondered for some time what exactly they were.
  13. OOPS That's the problem with this form of communication, it is so hard to grasp the jest of what is said. Sorry.
  14. You just force me to reply in the rumors section, If anyone else said this I would have laughed my A$$ off. But over the yrs I have come to know you to be a fun loving honest person. I for one also understand your mindset as my mother was an RN her entire life. So I will witness that if you said it is true we can soon take that to the bank.
  15. SCUD rocket from Syria landed in northern Iraq today. No casualties, but resulted in panic among residents in the area. Reports that the Iraqi army assisted Syrian army in regaining control over the crossing between Syria and Iraq from FSA control Read more: I don't feel that this is more that what is stated. Imagine if Mexican rebels were in control of an American/Mexican border and then started firing missiles into El Paso. Would not the American military respond with extreme prejudice? And since were not Israel do you really think the UN would object? Of course there are always political interest involved in all conflict and I could be wrong, on the face value I'm just saying this is no big problem. Every nation has a rite to protect there borders.
  16. I personally would like to thank you for this information. Will def get my attorney to look into that. It does make sense though as a TIN/EIN for the IRS is as good as your SSN.
  17. hopfully iraq doesnt get a bil for 800 billion dollars spent providing security for iraq Read more: They did, you really think when we sent Billions of dollars over there just after the invasion that we weren't buying dinar? It is commonly believed that the US Treasury holds some 3 to 5 trillion dinar. Now that can not be completely verified, But you can find on the US Treasury web site that they admit to owning that much in what they call, exotic currency. Considering that the Bush administration claimed to have a way to pay for the Iraq war without costing America a dime, And considering that now Obama claims that none of his new policy's will cost us one nickle, I wonder if these men are just plain stupid or do they know something we don't. And before you and willingly say stupid just ask yourself one question, who is worrying how there gonna pay the bills and put food on the table next month? You and I, or Bush and Obama? These people know exactly what there doing and they only look stupid by design. It keeps most of the dogs at bay with pity and astonishment. That is how they not only stay in power it is how they enslave a nation.
  18. I believe that following Christ is exactly as he said, a long and narrow path. If you are a Christian then you are on that path. What most people don't think about is that the path is, NARROW, and therefore we are all at different places on the path. Some farther along than others. I also remember the Sunday that Tiller the baby killer was murdered here in Wichita Ks. I was at church and we were just letting out when one of our young adults ran up to me with joy and told me that Tiller had just been murdered in church. My first reaction was to say to this young adult, You should not be happy about anyone being murdered. Especially in a church, as that could easily happen at our church. Farwould is correct, we should be praying for our enemy's and especially for the lost. Chavez, if he is dead, was an evil man. So are some of our leaders. But understand people Jesus died for them too. Gods love for them is just as strong as Gods love for you. Remember, Love the sinner, Hate the sin.
  19. After only 3 yrs in this there seems to be a different kind of trend in the news lately. I truly think something is about to give soon.
  20. The sad part is that most people wont even begin to understand this. Don't get me wrong, the ONLY news outlet I give any time to is Fox. That being said I am an over the road truck driver and have listened to Fox all day for yrs on end. XM radio. Believe me if you do that for one yr strait you WILL begin to see that ALL news is controlled by someone. Is it our own gov? I doubt it, those morons couldn't wipe there own butts. But you will begin to see a pattern that is very telling. We hear what the powers that be want us to hear, and nothing more.
  21. WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF EVEN HALF OF WHAT I JUST POSTED WAS TRUE? Read more: YA THINK. The sad part in all of this is that with all of the news out there this idiot just might be right. But that has nothing to do with any secret intel.
  22. Got the first part, then after that all I got was ApA onshoirn MoRRR jn footne OOOii
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