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  1. 19 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

    I'll add a bit to that... banks aren't going to lose money when there is the option of negative interest. Negative interest is when the banks charge you to keep money in the bank, and what kind of impact do you think THAT will have on Crypto

    With the fragility of world affairs today, both politically and economically, the possibility of a complete financial collapse (or at the very least a strong pullback) could be around the corner. 

    Cryptocurrency is, if nothing else, a good insurance plan. Everyone should have a little invested. 

    Thanks for the post Adam :tiphat:

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  2. 2 hours ago, caddieman said:

    The reason I said it does is because of the sly attempt at the back sided way you play on my name. Calling me cadiyboy instead of caddieman should be above a Mod.........But obviously it’s not........just sayen

    It's a term of endearment, something I do with posters I like. Shabibilicious is Shabbs and sometimes Shabbywabby. bostonangler is B/A and Buttercup. Adam Montana is Buzzy wuzzy. Notice that I didn't give one to Adhoc 10 or Barbara020548. 

    So realize that I  like reading your post. 

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  3. 18 hours ago, umbertino said:


    I've taken an oath of Non-violence. 

    And the only way I condon killing is when it's something I plan to eat.

    End Quote


    Happy to hear it, LGD....Consequently you should agree with me on my stance re:Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

    I do agree with that, however, I can only speak for myself. And,gor myself, I know human nature, people are going down the same road again. 

    As for calling members satanic I've never done so. I refer to the Democratic Socialists Party as Satanic  (their leaders for sure) so you are wrong in accusing me of calling names. 

    But If'n you think I have again feel free to report me as you ALWAYS do.

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