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  1. Vizio, i too created an account and would like to know how to purchase the IPRO coins.
  2. Yeah, right!.. As the mystery lady said; 'my view is derived solely on what the "guru's" have posted.' ... really??? And., ... who is this 'husband' quoting $3.42? folks, I strongly feel this will happen but don't let these pumpers guide you.. -B
  3. Agreed! All I know is that Randalin lost my respect months ago... He has no respect for other's comments and constantly makes statements and comments that contradict his previous statements and comments. It just seems to me he wants attention. ~B
  4. I really hope all this isn't a joke on all of us... if it is, Randallln shouldn't ever be considered respectable in any future discussions. -B
  5. How do we spell 'RUMORS' ?? There's no sense in bashing a rumor. Take it for what it 'may' be worth... something or nothing. wow.. so many get so upset over rumor posts.. if you don't agree, say so but with respect. ~B
  6. Hi Adam, or support group, I just paid for my next 3 month subscription and I planned to use your 20% discount you sent via email. The link you had wouldn't allow me to log in saying my email address was not recognized. I therefore went to the DV site and submitted my subscription there but it did not ask for the discount code for the 20% off. Please fix. I was charged the full $49 vs a $40 rate. thanks. -Bittersweet.
  7. MRB, As with others who have responded to you, I applaud your guts to post. Please don't pay attention to those who are 'negative' towards you. They only want attention and thus get it from those who play along. You provided some information that members can accept or reject. This is the rumors section so everyone should accept it as so until proven otherwise. -b
  8. There are items in play that we're not aware of . And, ... who knows what is actually going on inside the GOI, NOBODY!! Lots of smoke; don't let it confuse you. Just be patient and the RV will come very soon. B-
  9. What is this all about? This is not real, is it? I don't get what you guys are saying. Ok.. Okie and others like him are liars, cheats, and scoundrals... what else do you want me to say! You're not getting the bigger message. I'm sorry but I stand with the fact that people have the right to say what they feel. Regardless if its right or wrong. There are those of you who are saying that there are liars and pumpers; ok, good....I'm for that.. if you have proof and and can justify your claims, I'm all in support of that. But to crucify anyone without honest proof is just unfair and unjust. I take all unproven information with a grain of salt and until proven, it is all a rumor. Keep it real, consider what is real and justify it . get a life! -B
  10. Well, I understand that...but whatever.. you're not getting the larger picture. I DON'T SUPPORT OKIE....OR OTHERS WHO LIE OR PUMP... BUT I DO SUPPORT THOSE THAT 'THINK' THEY HAVE INTEL OR NEWS TO REPORT AND THERE ARE THOSE LIKE YOU WHO CONSTANTLY POUND THEM THAT THEY ARE LIARS OR PUMPERS. I hope you get the point was not to support 'anyone' in particular but to defend all those who are attacked that have the gutts to post something. -B
  11. I fully agree with Robdel.. just be patient. It will happen. Do your research and use common sense. Think about what has transpired and what is expected to happen. That can be challenging but don't listen to rumors, gurus, and news out of Iraq. Only watch what is actually happening. -B
  12. Yeah well back to you.. LMAO..... So, what are you talking about? You missed the whole point. I feel sorry for you since you just can't stop, read, and understand. I'm talking about letting 'all' people say their piece and since it 'was' in rumors, why are you so critical. Take it as it is. I feel sorry for you that you can't just be more considerate. I'm always learning from everyone. You just taught me to be more tolerant of others. Your analogy is very poor... Nuff said... -B
  13. And... who are you? another one of those negative people that have no life? I never said I supported anyone... I am tired of people like you who are always putting others down like you are doing now... why? what's the point? Are you driven by life to be so negative? I don't get it. I'm very aware of who makes money here and there... if you're so bent on people making fraudulent money, and you think this is a scam, why are you here? makes no sense to me. You just want to stir up s##t. -B
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