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  1. mac06gt

    Aljazera email response time?

    Yep got a response this morning that said internet problems.
  2. Anybody having trouble getting email response from Hasan @ aljazera brokerage. Usually he is quick with the email but not this week?
  3. If they really think they still have 30 trillion and are not lowering M2, (breitling quote ) " if you do not believe they are lowering the money supply then why are you in this investment?"
  4. mac06gt

    Asiacell Shares on ISX

    I am having the same problem with them. I have 2 isx brokers. Al jazeera is on the ball. They sent me a ton of emails of how to get in line to purchase while warka has denied my purchase request 2 times with this same email? I even requested they execute the purchase on february 3rd but i do not think they understand? Dear Sir, Please note that this company is currently not listed and trading on the electronic board where it is only possible to purchase a stock that is listed and registered on the Iraqi Stock Exchange and trading in the market.. For any further questions please contact us directly Best regards, ISX Department Warka Bank for Investment and Finance
  5. Going on 3 1/2 years myself. I can remember wanting the RV to hold off so my purchase receipts would qualify me for long term capital gains!! What a joke that was. At least it gave me time to get a warka account and buy some stocks on the ISX.
  6. mac06gt

    Stock Charts for ISX

    Not sure here either? I just had AlJazera send me the ISX production price list from Dec 1st but still would like a little guidance on what to buy or if anybody has preferences? I've heard BBOB, BDSI, and BIME are good bank stocks. And what about IBSD ( what is it). Thanks for any help on this. Got tired of waiting on warka , aljazera got me started in less than a week!! thanks for the heads up trinityexchange!
  7. mac06gt

    Electronic Iqd...

    IMO electronic dinar helps you only if they come in low with the RV and put a timelimit on initial cash out.( 90 days) Then you'll be set with your electronic IQD! Just sit back and watch the guys with currency only try and exchange for lower demons or just take their 10 cents/ dinar. I'll keep my electronic account til it gets to $3.22!!!!!! Just my take on it
  8. mac06gt

    Red Alert or What??

    Ramadan is not in my next 10 Day window? According to my calendar there are 11 days between now and August 1st? Got my VIP certificate ready to go!!!!
  9. Ive been on this thing since july 2010 and I'm fixing to have to start taking lunesta to sleep at night!!!!

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