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  1. That's exactly what I would expect. I can sell them on eBay to a boat load of dreamers for WAY more. Me, I don't give a rat's butt on selling 5 million worth of useless toilet paper, but, I am trying to open the eyes of the naïve people who listen to the junk that the pumpers are spewing. After this many years, it gets disgusting. Just like the millions of worthless, job able people in this country who would rather live on Welfare, food stamps or unemployment instead of getting a job and contributing to the planet.
  2. dontlop, if you truly believe this will make you a millionaire, I am asking (on this website) what I paid for them from Ali at Dinartrade. Heck, if you truly think you are going to make millions, I'll deliver them AND offer a certificate of authenticity above Ali's certificate of authenticity.
  3. FINIALLY!! I totally agree with you ReinMan. Listen, I have been in this rollercoaster ride for 5 years. My brother was deployed in 2003, returned to the US in 2005. Re-deployed in 2006 and been there ever since. People like TNT, Okie, Frank, and yes Adam, Bravo or ovarB whatever he likes to call himself, spew false hopes on a "RV" or an "RD" hoping folks continue to read, buy books, sign up for RV cash in groups, or believe. Ask yourself, do you really think Iraq is going to give someone $100 MILLION dollars who bought $10 thousand dollars worth of their currency?? DO NOT compare Iraq to Kuwait. It is NOT the same. Good golly Miss Molly, I sure believed the hype early on and invested WAY more than I should have, but after all of this time you have to think realistically. I know people that have 1 BILLION Dinar (as a group). I would hope that good American people who have invested good American money in a "dream" would soon wake up and realize all of the "smoke and mirrors" is nothing but fact. Don't you think Iraq has the internet also?
  4. If you are looking out for the better interest of your family, give them CASH, NOT worthless currency. I give you "boots on the ground " info. My brother stayed over in Iraq as a land surveyor. Maybe all the dreamers on this website want to be led by false hopes and should buy a book?? Just passing along what I have heard from my brother. Take it for what it is worth. Keep buying and making money for the sellers.
  5. Any "newbies" listening to TNT or Okie or Frank.. don't bother. Iraq is falling. My brother is still there. He doesn't own any Dinar and advised me to sell mine IMMEDIATELY!
  6. If you hear about what already happened, wouldn't that be "history" and not news???
  7. Luigi- REALLY??? Okie has been spewing his false intel so long most folks are just getting sick of it. It's like hearing the same joke every day. It gets a little boring after a while. Okie knows nothing when it comes to a possible RV. PERIOD. He may know current events by what he has seen on tv or read in the comics, but he has proven almost weekly that his crystal ball of knowledge just doesn't work. I'm suprised he has lasted this long.
  8. Put on a mustache and get back in line!! LOL Just kidding. Thanks for checking and reporting, enjoy the beer
  9. So it was a good idea to make up a lie to give false hopes to people who really want or need the RV??? That is just not right.
  10. Below is a copy of an email. I receive daily listing exchange rates. I'm not sure if I am "allowed" to list the sight name, but it is: I've been watching this for a long time and it seems to be moving. Very little, but moving. I know the says 1166, but was wondering any thoughts on this and if anyone is seeing the exchange rate elsewhere? This is not top secret intel, I am not a GURU, this is not a bank story, I am grounded, no opening prayer, no rediculous rate, not happening tomorrow, nothing to do with Obama, I do not bag groceries, I do not have friends in ME...(I hope I covered everything) Welcome to your Currency Update by Exchange Rates UK! Your chosen base currency converted to our top 40 worldwide currencies...and a few commodities! Should you require a free money transfer at best rates and no fees please click here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENCY RATES Base Currency: IQD Rates Taken: Sat, 28th Jan 12 08:55 ** If you need to change base currency, email frequency/time sent or pause these emails click here ** Top 10 Currencies Currency Unit Units per IQD IQD per Unit GBP British Pound 0.0006 1814.0526 EUR Euro 0.0007 1524.5549 USD US Dollar 0.0009 1153.4858 AUD Australian Dollar 0.0008 1229.1662 CAD Canadian Dollar 0.0009 1151.4066 NZD New Zealand Dollar 0.0011 951.3397 CHF Swiss Franc 0.0008 1263.9808 JPY Japanese Yen 0.0665 15.0362 INR Indian Rupee 0.0431 23.203 AED United Arab Emirates Dirham 0.0032 314.3013
  11. That's a question better asked for a GURU!! LOL, sorry, I couldn't resist!!
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