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  1. Just a question: Do you think the upcoming transfer that will take place on Inauguration Day will have an impact, one way or another, on the RV? In other words, would it be more advantageous for Iraq to get this done over the next week rather than after January 20.
  2. This is my first question on your forum, Adam! A few days ago I saw a comment from someone who said that Iraq could possibly cash in dinars from within Iraq only and not from people outside of Iraq after the RV takes effect. How likely do you think that could be? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but it's something I had not thought of before and I just wanted to put this question out on the forum. Thanks for your response!
  3. Adam, If/When this finally RV's, are there places in the USA where I can cash in my Dinars? The sooner the better!
  4. Adam, I deeply appreciate the way you do not break news unless you really have proof beforehand to break news to us all. I really have like that since I have started looking at Dinar Vets on a daily basis.
  5. I downloaded these forms to have on file and ask my accountant later. Thanks! So, does this mean we must report any and all foreign currency we hold in our possession this year (and years prior), even though this draft form is not officially out yet? Just wondering. What do you all think?
  6. Nixon did away with the gold standard back in the 70's. That much I do know.
  7. Hi there! There are many languages spoken in Pakistan but Arabic is not one of them. I just thought you would like to know.
  8. It would be logical for the Community Organizer to pull this out of his hat as the 2012 election draws near BUT do we really think he is smart enough to do that?
  9. EGP

    chapter Vll

    Can we have a link for this please? It sounds like good news!
  10. I really wish "the powers that be" would get moving with this RV stuff. I've been following this on an almost daily basis for almost a year now and I don't understand what the hold up is.
  11. Yes, it is time to drastically reform Congress and get seriously return to our constitutional principles.
  12. The motel owner, IN ERROR, assumed the $100 that was put on his table by the customer was a payment in advance and not a good faith gesture. Future stay and payment on the part of the customer was contingent on the room being in satisfactory condition. It was not. Therefore, nothing of substance (the customer agreeing to stay in the room) was transacted. However, the motel owner thought differently and treated the $100 as a payment in full and not a good faith gesture/deposit. All of this is kind of like passing off a check with insufficient funds.
  13. I totally agree! He must not be underestimated. Let's hope that the "powers that be" really realize this!
  14. Here is something I thought of this morning as I have been reading posts from some who are having doubts about a good RV coming to the light of day in the near future: 1) From what I have been reading, several countries (those who have helped in the war effort as well as those who have not) have bought up billions of IQD and placed them in their respective treasuries. Why would they even think of doing that if they thought this whole thing is a "scam"? 2) From a USA perspective, a good RV would probably cover the costs of the war effort and then some. Think of how that "then some" could put
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