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  1. Perhaps the US should support those who will not submit to fear of hostage taking. As sad as it may seem, when you negotiate with someone that you won't right a wrong because you fear harm may come to others. What about those future killings? Perhaps the plan should be.......keep ISIS confined to the Turkish border they now occupy......and kick their ass every where else!!! Wonder who turkey will call when ISIS is solely their problem. Just saying!
  2. Send private message I can buy what you have left
  3. DW FYI my zip code is not Detroit it's where I'm from and not trying to be castigating but the last property tax bill I receivd in 21666 where I do live is probably more than you make all year....just saying
  4. In bright orange print you indicate "we do not need status of forces agreement". As a former JAG officer and former judicial support officer at SHAPE headquarters in Belgium I assure you I have no problem comprehending much more complicated dialog then what you wrote. That being said without a SOFA our troops would be subject to prosecution under the laws of the host country or worse. Iraq specifically still allows corporal punishment
  5. Are you serious!!! We don't need SOFA???? You obviously never served in combat.. smh
  6. I get you on fact I've said often to myself, if you come to America before you get the right to protest you have to serve in some capacity......just saying
  7. That's an easy question! I'm moving inside my 45' mororhome! Just saying
  8. How do you "make" a sovereign country let you continue to occupy their country! smh
  9. I do remember when the US was leaving Iraq it was over the extension of the SOFA.... Would you want to try to win a war and have to worry about being brought to trial over collateral damage or loss of life??? The iraqi's were quite clear as a sovereign nation to elect to defend their own country. Perhaps today they might want to rethink that position.
  10. I woke early this week and the TV was on. There was a story about the gentleman that invented beanie babies!! In an effort to avoid 5 million in taxes he moved some money off shore. When caught.... Tried.....and convicted he ended up owing our uncle 54 million in back taxes interest and penalties. My personal advice.... Don't play your taxes whatever they are and be thankful you had the money to pay!
  11. I'm understand your passion... However, contrary to your statement, many native Americans have made complaints about the phrase "red skin". It's a derogatory utterance and as such they would like to see something else especially because Washington is the nations capital! Just saying
  12. I remember back in the 70's they banned mr. Thomas on the radio in Germany I've always loved the original version of this
  13. What they are selling are US dollars. Soon they can buy all they need! Just saying
  14. What's interesting about this article are the lower denoms that are fix. Yet. There are those on this forum who indicate these notes don't exist! Hummmm
  15. There are folks I know who have always said in a self defense gun killing its always better if only one loves to testify! We will never know what happened really. Could be that mr. martin was defending himself or maybe not. What I do know! The substitution of a life for property is never a even exchange. When me. Zimmerman exited his vehicle he could of in the eyes of mr. Martin been the aggressor. I personally believe rather than taking a racial position we should ask ourselves why does it have to be a racial divide? A young man is dead ......another young man has his life ruined forever! It's really sad that news media for it own purpose twist information for their own purpose and we the people buy into it!
  16. Soon this ride will be over! Then.....another forum will have to be sought
  17. Rather than posturing does any one give a dayumn that a young man who was minding his business going to a home that he was loving in is now dead!!!! What ever the testimony he is still dead. What actions did he commit that warrant the death penalty?? Some in this forum are so politically biased they cannot even see that someone lost their life for no apparent reason!. Smh
  18. Put your dinar in a safe place and wait for Adams text message... Then go have some fun with your family
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