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  1. Question: If you are already a Platinum member and want to purchase a platinum membership for your spouse is it still half off.
  2. No. We brought in 09 & 10, now just riding the waves up & down. Hoping we are almost over. My niece works at a bank that sells it and she says, they were real busy the first few days after Chap 7 lifted. But now it has slowed down again. I think most people are just holding on what they already have.
  3. Forget eating!!! I will be in the hospital having a massive heart attack....if it happens tomorrow!!!! Just saying....
  4. about the GOV being fully formed....Didn't I read somewhere that one member was recently killed in a bombing. If so do they have to hold new elections for his also have a fully formed gov?
  5. I'd like to ask "How his nerves are holding up?" The stress of just the checking for new info every day & having so many friends & family asking "Well what's happening today?" Is to much at times. I want to scream...Don't ask, I'll just let you know when it happens!!!!! I know with all Adam is doing to set things up for so many, and yet still trying to have a normal life must really be getting to his nerves..I might like to know his secret for stress control. (Ha) Thanks again for all you are doing for so many.
  6. Adam, I have been a member of this site since Nov. In the beginning I was lost and searching for "All & Any" knowledge...Now that I have learned some...I crave the meaty subjects. (Not just the guessing of date & rate)....I really enjoyed the stories of how people plan to set up their accounts and ideals about the best Trust, Corporations, or any thing that would help in our mad dash to get things in order before we cash in. Can you suggest that people get back to helping each other to do the best with this investment and less of the Date & rate game or the fussing about each other. Just my opinion, but I did learn alot in the beginning from this site.....Thanks
  7. I will make a picture and send it in later. All of mine are in a box at the bank. And I am not computer savy enough to know how to do this until my daughter or son comes to visit and helps me. Thanks
  8. Trey will get better....God is in control...When so many people pray it touches Gods heart. He healed my daughter of advanced Lupus....I KNOW prayer works. I will be praying for you as well.
  9. I am a little confused on one issue. In several post I have read the RV will happen when this or that item is addressed. Then when it doesn't someone moves on to another item on the list and says it will happen when this is completed. Well, in several of these post I have read where the hold up is that they are trying to pay down their debt. So that when they do RV it won't cost them as much. I understand that reasoning. However, that makes me have two questions: 1st: If that is true why are they continuing to borrow money? (Like with China for the electricity) 2nd: With all the money they are suppose to make post RV, why does it matter if they have their debts paid down? Just wondering?
  10. And think of all the history we have learned. I never really cared for History in school. But I can't get enough now. I know all about the Middle East, Foreign currency and our own government now.
  11. I'm with you John. I KNOW Prayer works!!!! I have a 27 yr old daughter, who at age 17 was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus. My dad had died with Lupus when I was 14 so I was well aware of what was to come. My daughter was a tiny person so it hit her system hard & fast...See lost a lot of eye sight, her joints were inflamed all the time, her internal organs began to have problems and she was about to be placed on a transplant list. Every time we would go to her doctor's they would chew me out and tell me that she had to start to except reality. (Because she would have a smile on her face and tell them that God had plans for her life & she would not have this her entire life). She would lie in her bed in the same position for hours due to the pain of moving, I would go in her room and ask if she needed anything, Her reply, "No mom I'm just talking to God" I would go out of her room out of her sight and cry. We think we are placed on this earth to teach our children things, but I learned the biggest lesson in faith from my child. She suffered 3 long years, Her dad could not hug her because it hurt to bad. She was a senior in high school, I either had to take her and wait outside until she had had enough and needed to go home or I would have to go outside and get her out of her car if she did drive to school, because she couldn't make it into the house. One day in and instant, she received her eye sight back and all symptoms were gone...We took her back to her doctor...They ran test after test (now those test have been run 4 times) and she was better than anyone who had never had lupus!!!! Her doctor's cried and said baby you got that miracle. One doctor even called her to pray when his wife became sick. I had never seen or heard on this kind of thing happening...not a total healing...and I had been a christian since my teen years. But, it did happen, and since I have been told of hundreds of recorded heeling's. So like I said "I KNOW PRAYER WORKS"!!!!! So count me in, I will Pray & fast with you!!
  12. Hey, I think everyone failed to read why you really are tried and need to know this info "SOON"! Six months Pregnant with # 6....WOW...I'd be tried to...tried of waiting on two BIG events....Good Luck with both....and the rate no longer matters so much to me long as there is a rate SOMEDAY!!!!!
  13. I have been on this site for months...I know there are alot of Christian and non-Christian people on this site...we all have a common interest in wanting this to happen and to happen soon. But, think about the common people in Iraq, not the government officals...These people are living in very bad times and now a rally that they think will help them could easily get out of hand and causes them more pain. I feel if we can all ban together to pray for the RI/Rv to happen, we should now all ban together TONIGHT (Their Friday Rally Time) and pray for a peaceful rally for these poor people. I plan on spending a great deal of my time tonight in pray not for me and my wants but for a country that I've come to know during this investment.
  14. Vern, Thanks after 30 years....I agree sometimes he is a sucker.....
  15. Hancock Bank in Hattiesburg Ms. Sells Dinar: We have brought some from them: Hancock Bank 601-579-5800 Ask for Kay or Andrea or for Alabama 866-744-8801, Florida 800-726-0920, Louisiana 800-256-4636 & Mississippi 800-448-8812.
  16. THIS IS TRUE!!!! My husband had the hiccups for several days, nothing we tried got rid of them. Everyone told us different things to try. I finally took him to the Docter... While we were checking in a guy behind the counter knew us and handed my husband a lolipop. He said, "Coach stick this in you mouth until you get in to see the Docter". We sat down and began to wait our turn and he never hiccuped again. We got up and told the guy at the counter [Thanks] and left quickly.
  17. I agree AudiS4. They might as well just go ahead and RV and let it take care of the 2010 budget for them and they could start on the 2012 budget. If they would just let us run their goverment awhile, we could fix it. (ha) By us I mean those invested in this. (Ha)
  18. Dennis Swanburg: He was the guest speaker at my daughters College graduation....He is GREAT!...He also does lots of impressions.
  19. I'm considered a NEWBIE myself and I've been a member since Nov., That having been said....I feel a message should be sent to each person signing up that states, That they should read all post, and listen to all messages and then feel free to ask their questions and post. Explain to them upfront, what should be common sense: That there are thousands of folks on this site and if the same questions are ask over and over it just takes up time from the important issues. Just my thoughts!!!!
  20. I would think that someone, like Donald, who has made alot, lost almost all of it and now has way way more than he started with, is Just the type of person to get the U.S. back on top!!!!!
  21. SORRY!!!! I thought it was worth a try.....I'm looking for answers and any place that tells me they will give them to me in 5 min.s, sounds good. I have researched & studied more since investing in this, than I have in my entire life. Sorry again.
  22. I happened upon a web site today that might be of some help, to some people. It is a site where you can ask a tax question and a real tax professional will give you an answer in 5 min.s. It may or may not be good, I know very little about taxes, investing or any of this stuff.....but I am trying to educate myself on all the issues. Please check it out and someone let us know if it can be of help. or
  23. Except, with ALL stimulus packages, that I know of there are stings attached and you have to pay them back as well. And now your in wrost shape than before you received it.
  24. I have read alot in the last few months on this site about Dinar Trader & little about Dinar Banker. My husband & I have brought most of our Dinar from banks, but to increase our Cash out options we decided to use a dealer also. We throught about both places, because we live in south Ms. and Dinar Banker will open an office in New Orleans (just a couple hours away) we decided to go with them. On Fri. Dec 17th I placed a rather large order with wire transfer, the same day I received e-mail conf. of my wire. On Monday 20th, I placed a second order (not so large). I know this being Christmas week that it will take longer to receive. One Tues. Dec. 28th, I received my second order. I began to make a series of phone calls to the office, always being told some one would call me back, after it was researched. I never received a call, by then it was New Years and I knew it would slow every thing down again. I sent a few reply. One employee there even told me, "We have not ever failed to send a package out in all the time we have been in business." My reply, "Except Mine." To which he laughed. Needless to say I was upset. Monday morning January 3rd, (two weeks after placing the order) I DID receive a call back. It was from Ty, the owner of Dinar Banker. He explained every thing to me and was very friendly. He was upset with the service I had received. Their computer system had gone down (overload), they had to update, the holidays were in there and he had a few employees that he had to let go for bad customer service. I also received a second call from his manager over the operations, to see how they could stop this from happening again to anyone else. I received the order the next day. I am very satisfied with this company and the intergrity of it's owner. Yes, I had problems, but they went above and beyond to correct them. I have now placed two other orders and have recommended them to friends & family.
  25. My husband & I have been adding to our investment slowly for a few years now. We have brought from a couple banks & Dinar Banker, to open up several Cash in options. We have just placed a reserve order for the first time. We can & will pay for it before the 30days....however, we decided to do it this way this time...because in our case, it's kind of like using someone else's money to pay for it, if it happened to RV. If not we will buy it anyway.
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