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  1. after doing my research i just found out how big this really is going to be. i invested in Dash - which was Dark coin at that time, i was buying it at about 5$ a coin back then. - not knowing ANYTHING just saying hey i wanna get into this crypto game let me throw a few bucks here n there. after seeing my money double in about a yr (a little less - got side tracked from work/life) saw it doubled and i started looking into it and when i started, darkcoin moved to dash and it started to go up.... and up.... and up.... and up reaching 1000$ per coin. - i am kicking myself for only throwing what i did at it at that time and not doing my research back then when i first was buying it. but it wasnt too late then as i am still very well up on my portfolio (blockfolio). it is still not to late to get in on this, we are still in the early stages - but in my eyes the train is going to be leaving the station, and quick. - just my .02 cents. i just cant tell you guys to read up on it, dont take my (or coorslite) words for it. i started out on dash - they have a bunch of youtube videos - Amanda is her name - breaks down "blockchain" and many other things in the crypto space very well. I also use the discord app on my phone/computer to chat with many ppl - i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this its free and very informative. i have met a bunch of ppl who have helped me set up a mining rig and masternodes etc. if u find a decent coin/community they even give u tips - random tips = free coin/ MONEY. i still remember a guy was drinking alittle on a friday night, dash was doing pretty well... he tipped everyone back then was like 5$ i think each - there was like 10 of us. so 50$ to all of when dash hit 1000$ i think that tip was worth just above 100$ - i cant remember the exact amount he tipped us but i remember it being close to 100, when dash hit 1000$. but thats besides the point - they - the people on discord chat rooms are so helpful. i have trouble myself from time to time updating my masternodes and they are there to always help if u need them. i personally like the dash community - not just because it was my first coin i bought but the people in the chat rooms (i usually stay in the general chat or the alt coin chat) they always give everyone a heads up if they find a new and interesting coin - or hey... stay away from this coin, it sounds like a scam etc..... so thats just my .02 cents. again i will warn you - it can get very deep... its a deep dark world, the more and more i looked into this finding ways to earn more crypto instead of buying it - such as staking/mining/masternodes etc. it kept getting darker and darker etc. lol. and i think thats 1 thing that scares people - its already confusing - blockchain... what? lol now ur talking about masternodes and staking and mining. you can still make lots and lots of money just by buying a coin and holding, but theres just so many more ways to earn crypto. masternodes are passive income so thats what i personally like . feel free to ask me anything and i will try to help on here (or in the discord app- user name is the same on the discord app) heres a link to the dash discord chat room if anyone is interested -
  2. I've been in this for a few yrs now, it's very very deep dark world. Worthless ? No it's worth something, that's the block chain.... Data. The block chain is going to change the world. It's the internet 2.0 i personally like other coins vs BTC itself. Dash, horizen (Zencash), staketnet (XSN) to name a few. each coin (project) is different. Just my .02 cents it's worth looking into, I taught myself alot, started out knowing NOTHING, now I'm running (and built) miners, staking coins, have masternodes and secure nodes. Don't think it's too late to get in either, we r in the early stages, next month bakkt is coming out which is basically the NYSE there's going to be alot of big money coming in. Again this is just my .02 cents, do your own research.
  3. bitcoin.... bubble... baahahaha. smh.🙄 ill continue to buy and HODL.
  4. I'm confused they said earlier to remove 3 or 4 zeros.... now its only 1 and change the name back
  5. I guess it's a start (unification) wonder how long after they will RV
  6. Forgot to add the miner I got is a Pindea DR-3 its been getting about 1.3 Dash a week, Dash is around $72-$73 per coin right now. So I'm pretty happy, just want more miners.
  7. Don't go in eBay and over pay. Ppl are putting the ones that were just released on there there is a limit 1 per person on Baikal website.... it's 800$ (only accepts Bitcoin Litecoin or Dash) but ppl are bidding in them paying 1200$ and up. So I would wait if u choose to mine dash. Like I said Baikal is in the works of releasing more "cubes" and a new model of their "giant" miner soon as well as other companies, Baikal is swamped... guess this is where the money is.
  8. I just recently started mining. Just recently really learned about crypto as well, got my feet wet in 2015 knowing nothing and putting it on the back burner till about a few months ago. Bought my first miner 3 weeks ago. I am mining DASH. I think it has alot of potential. Baikal has released more miners (sold out right now they are swamped) but others are suppose to be released from other companies as well. I heard it's kinda harder to mine with the computer(s) with the new ascics. Not saying u can't but ppl are saying it's cheaper from what if read. I was looking into mining other coins and then shapeshifting them into dash but didn't since the new x11 miners came out and more are on the way.
  9. Neither of them are showing any actions! All talk. Talk is cheap!
  10. With Dash there are different ways to earn dash (mine). If you have 1000 dash you can make a mastetnode and run it. After the 11$ network fee you earn around 200$ (worth of dash) a month. If you do not have 1,000 dash u can do a mastetnode share and earn dash as well (earnings based on how much dash you put in) . Coming mid year (summer) dash is releasing evolution and you will be able to put ur dash in a savings account and earn dash as well. There is also cloud mining not too sure about this, if it's profitable?!?!
  11. Thought I would check in and see if anyone else has looked into bitcoin (or any other coin aka altcoin)? I started this on January 25th and I was telling/asking you guys about "dash" back then it was about 14$ per coin (US dollars) today right now it is at 46$ per coin (US dollars). It has been on the up n up as more and more ppl learn about cryptocurrency (bitcoin) as well as dash, and see that dash has something really special that bitcoin (or any other altcoin) has. It hit an ATH (All Time High) of 62$ but we dipped back to where we are at 46$, just recently we shot up from the 20s to 40s then to 60 withing a few days. So after ppl taking their profits it came back to mid 40s (46$). I'm still new to this whole cryptocurrency world (it's a deep world here lol) but i have had fun meeting ppl and learning and watching this all unfold. If anyone has any questions or help I will do my best to help you. I am really excited about dash and where this is going. A few countries actually declared it a legal currency I know Australia and I think 2 or 3 more just recently did and I'm pretty sure China is talking about it too.
  12. I'm hoping for Canada to cash out in. I'm not a huge fan for flying (bad experience flying through tornados, we'll above them) so I like my feet in the ground, I've flown since then just hate it lol. Plus I'm only a few hrs from Niagara Falls. Worst comes to worse I'll get drunk or take something to relax me to get me to dubai. I just want this to pop! Like NOW!!
  13. Before this, was there anything he else predicted that came true?
  14. why havent they fixed it if it was/is a fail to function accurately ?? or just remove it all together till they get it fixed to not mislead people.
  15. Ya my bad, I couldn't remember the exact change, either way it going back to $3+ I likey
  16. im not sure if i can post videos, but i like youtube, search for the channel - Dash Digital Cash. every wed. Amanda B. Johnson (their spokesperson) updates everyone on whats new with dash. there is also other videos that they post from time to time answering questions and what not. there are some videos explaining why dash is better than bitcoin etc. how dash is run. they also have a facebook page where they post stuff as well, but i prefer youtube. i am going to warn you, there is alot to this, its going to look and sound CRAZY, i am still somewhat new to this and learning every day. its going to be confusing sending/receiving money (coins) the first few times, but once you understand it, it will become easier. its a deep world here in the bitcoin/altcoin world lol. this is why it hasnt taken off to the world. i think NOW is the time to jump in dash is making the bitcoin world easy to use and user friendly. i am hoping adam can chime in on dash, not sure how much he knows about the whole bitcoin world, but i would like his intake on not just bitcoin.
  17. That's how they got their name Digital cASH (DASH)
  18. I think it's a really good investment and everyone should look into not just dash but others like bitcoin and compare them. Bitcoin jumped from 15 dollars a coin to a few hundred a coin overnight. Dash has slowly gained I'm waiting for it to pop, in the meantime I'm stocking up. There is a YouTube channel that talks about dash and keeps everyone informed what's new and going on with dash
  19. Dash is an alternative to bit coin. Each coin has different features. Like dash has instant send (bitcoin takes about 10 mins), if I'm sending you bit coin it usually takes 10 mins from the time I send u it to u receive it. Dash however (instant send) u receive it less than a min. Faster than u would pay a store using ur bank card via the chip inserted into the machine. It also has privacy so u can be private sending money. That's just a few things
  20. I know Adam brought bitcoin up a few weeks ago. I know alot of ppl don't know what it is and a small few held any bitcoin. I was wondering for the ppl who know about bitcoin and altcoins do you know and/or hold any other coins??? I think dash is going to be better than bitcoin and I have been buying them for awhile now. I started in 2015 buying Dash just to get my foot in the door, not knowing much about cryptocurrency. I then put cryptocurrency on the back burner and stopped reading about it for awhile till recently. The more I read about dash the more I like it. It started out when I first bought it about 2-3$ per coin. Right now it's up to 14$ (high 13s low 14s per coin). I own a very small amount of bitcoin but the more n more I read about dash they seem to be going somewhere and that's y I choose to buy it.
  21. Plus them saying they can learn from what Turkey does to their currency.... Didn't they L O P?!?!
  22. I don't like them using the word(s) L O P off zeros off their national currency. I'm trying to stay positive, but seeing them say this isn't helping.
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