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  1. Merry Xmas to all that have many years here and to all the family members with many Happy New Years going forward!! Thank You ADAM and family and your crew and there families. Be patient and smart with the results and hopefully we will KNOW SOON.........
  2. what a waste of time and B... S... and space on Adams website. Get real as you know all!!!
  3. Thanks Adam and all others. Been here for 10 years. I believe there is a reason for this to happen SOON! !!!!GO RV!!!!
  4. I do not post very often, but I have been here since 2010 .. I follow the site frequently and have seen the same it will get better soon when this or that will pass!! I am very frustrated and I imagine many others are in the same boat. I hope it is not sinking.. I will never give up and just needed to vent for myself and others on the site. Thank You Adam!!!!
  5. Thank You, Adam for all you do for the Dinar nation!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just followed the instructions above and the budget30 code is expired???????? Any other suggestions. I have been a VIP for a long time. Thanks!!
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