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  1. bigdog1


    What is the story on Poppy3. Heard some stuff that came from them.
  2. I believe that MOST people feel as you do (including me). The media has lied to us and tells us we are the minority but that is not what is reality. Thanks for everything you do. GO RV!
  3. This just in. Republicans in MO. introduce leglislation making it a felony to introduce language which restricts Missourian's 2nd Ammendment right. If convicted leglislators could get up to 4 years in prison.
  4. Luckily only 52 of the 163 districts on the House of Representatives are DemocRATS. There are 34 in the Senate of which only 8 are DemocRATS. Although we do have a Governor who is a DemocRAT. This will never go thru in Missouri...........count on that.
  5. Is it too late for Arpaio to run for president?
  6. Uncirculated, what denominations?
  7. I would like to buy 5 to 7 million dinar uncirculated. I am in the St. Louis area and prefer local buying. Respond to ***************
  8. If I had a boatload of Dinars, I would just stop selling them and keep them for myself. Lets see 30% or 1000%. But hey thats just me.
  9. Please badge me as well. I appreciate all VIP does for me. Well worth the $$$$$$
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