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  1. We do not encourage nor accept bashing and sarcasm - Write what you need to get off your mind in a post or reply ... Re-read what you just wrote and think about it ... then Hit the CANCEL button - Thank you.
  2. and i repeat noun an event that repeats; the events today were a repeat of yesterday's; verb to say, state, or perform again; She kept reiterating her request; make or do or perform again; He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick; happen or occur again; This is a recurring story; to say again or imitate; followers echoing the cries of their leaders; do over; They would like to take it over again; repeat an earlier theme of a composition synonyms repetition, reiterate, ingeminate, iterate, restate, retell, duplicate, reduplicate, double, replicate, recur, echo, reprise, reprize, recapitulate it's only pumping if someone gets pumped, even just one
  3. frankly noskar, you should'nt give a dam
  4. 5 pages and still atop bark, rollover and play dead till the coast is clear "possum" gets hits when he comes back to life choose
  5. he's not a pumper he is simply a joker with an uh, let me say unique sense of humor it's only pumping if someone gets pumped should be a porcupine you can see the pricks coming if not left to go it's own way that's how i see it swing basher, basher, swing
  6. hmmmm i liked the mississippi lady's remarks moonshine?
  7. hope not. six more weeks of winter would be a drag especially if today is any indication of what to expect
  8. why we should not get too real bad excited later
  9. perhaps she knew you would soon be wealthy
  10. i firmly believe {only me} that some authority after exchanging the 000 notes will lop them into an incinerator after cyber record. record that could be eradicated by a solar flare wow, can i give myself a red minus or another belt
  11. or two in the daily double my grandchildren are the greatest joys in my life and have the most captivating pirate smiles i will get the opportunity to put smiles on every unselfconscience child near me SOON soon, monday, friday the ?st or ?nd or ?rd it will be great
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