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  1. Maliki is a puppet of Iran. Immunity has always been a post war clean-up formality for every conflict in modern history. Obama is a puppet as well. His elite contingency has long resented the Bush Administration and their influence. Once more the success of Iraq economically is not a welcomed outcome because it would enrich a populace that is currently on its knees as devised for their dominance plan. Obama is not wanting your wealth from the RV.
  2. Obama will speak in 30 minutes. Subject matter..Total Pull Out From Iraq By YE. Trouble is on the horizon.
  3. Mongo...that lil dude in pic looks like a relative of mine from E kentuckie. dang for a texsun you have gotta case a gotcha! cool your buffs friend...Mongo is short for Mongolian. he'll make sushi outta ya!
  4. Mark Let them keep changing partners, wishing for someone else to do their toil & earn their keep, stride with the Hollywood sector and yell discremination when things don't go their way. It is absolutely how professors preach like church pastors. The professor talks as though they have firsthand experience in capitalism. They have never had their job on the line based on profit performance. Many libersls suffer the same reality.
  5. Fortunately they have uncounted recordings of his speeches. At this point, he has made so many speeches, all they do is cut and splice to avoid redundancy plus he lipsyncs teleprompters aren't a necessity
  6. There are some serious believers in many contrived theories. I will bet you love them all. The only real conspiracies that bend the mind are started by conspirators...CIA
  7. we go... again. I thought we'd sneak through the night without anymore mud slinging but...damitall...All defense tonight. I am sick of defending the Right! Let 's just hit the facts. In defense of Billy trombone, he would never been impeached if he hadn't let someone blow his horn. There's one""" As for" Obammy and the Gang"..... you got it all wrong !! O's nickname is my case!
  8. I beg to differ. We got to meet Joe the Plumber. ..have a brewski with a cop and toast the Brits during their National Anthem. I like the smackdown this Prez has.
  9. I knew there was more meat behind the reason for Muslims hating pork. Remember the great kids prayer that starts out "God is Great... ( Yeaaa & Good!) PC fever? PC = post Christ
  10. Colt I respect you holstering that claim, but I, like you, have been jousting with Mo before. He's a good man to debate but don't plan on shifting him from the darkside. The Force is too strong in the liberal sense. ..
  11. Dang Desimo! With Irish, German, Dutch and Cajun, I thought I would get my picture on Heinz Ketchup bottle this year but....
  12. I knew it Mongo! You must be a redneck. Don't take it personally, I meant deep pink.
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