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  1. I think this converter is just goofy. Its partially wrong on USD also.
  2. It would seem more logical that the lop and then the RV would occur. Then you don't create 35-40 million millionaires. We would still turn a great return on investment. Obviously I'd prefer your former over your later though. Either way this is a profitable investment.
  3. Its hard to take someone serious who types their messages in all caps and misspells half of their words.
  4. Dumb question, does Zero Cash mean the CBI is not selling dinar to the public? If yes, does this mean they they are weeding out the big bills? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've wondered the exact same thing. I have hoped to see like $.10, thinking $1.00 plus seemed high initially.
  6. It sounds like today has been a fruitful day in Iraq. I wonder how long the dust needs to settle before issues such as currency are addressed?
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