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  1. The only way I can do is continueing my subcription as VIP member as moral support to you, Yota!
  2. Hi Sara, please update my 3 months VIP membership which i renew on 15.2.2012 Inv No: ******************* Thank you.
  3. I think former Malaysia PM, Mahathir is buying a lot of IQD... wow.. we are almost there.
  4. Thank you Adam! The most existing email had been received than before!!! Go RVm
  5. Ministry working hour moved from 8am to 7am (Iraq time) one hour early starting 13th June 2011 until 30th Sep. So, 13 June 2011 is our day????
  6. i think this is one of the important issue to effect the RV, finally....... Go RVVV
  7. very confusion, pairing JOD: IQD, KWD:IQD, IQD:USD, USD:IQD and more, cannot match their actual rate.
  8. I place an ordered by wire transfer on 17.12.2010, finanally ariived 10.01.2011.
  9. i had been Dohabank website yesterday, but didn,t show IQD, but today shown 1 IQD : 0.1 KWD, what means?
  10. i still not getting my dinar ships from Dinartrade since i place order on 17th Dec 2010. They promised to ship it out on monday but untill now still no info about tracking no. i email to ali few time already, even they confirmed received my payment. what going wrong??????
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