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  1. Okie.... If you would provide just 1 link or any proof about any news you spout I would change my opinion of you.. I wish I had posted this 18 projections ago.. Remember the boy who cried wolf?..You are the boy who cried RV..
  2. AngelBanx is the only charity in America designed to take anything from anyone and convert it to cash. The proceeds go to any Charity the Donor chooses. All 1.5 million charities in America. They are new.
  3. The worst part is that my best friend keeps believing this... All 15 times......
  4. What was I looking for ?.
  5. My wife has been with BOA for 15 years.. This is bogus.. You can wire transfer money from any bank to any bank for a fee.. Nothing more.. Nothing less
  6. I wrote company.. They replied and assured me this was legitimate...
  7. I agree.. I have foolishly been reading this crap for years but it has really gotten out of hand.. If we all united we might get a decent answer but too many followers are drinking the kool- aid and coming back for more..Desperation is the mother of gullibility ....
  8. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE CASTING UNINFORMED JUDGEMENT. I work there, My Son works there and my wife works there. If you knew the real reasons for layoffs you would not be so quick to judge. I applaud your wanting to protest and lash out. The problem is you need to learn who to lash out at.. i still like your enthusiasm as Miguided as it is.
  9. I have been a member for a year now and I still do not know what the CBI is buying. I am not sure anyone else does. Would someone please tell us once and fir all ,,,, are they buying USD or Dinar?? Thanks for post
  10. If I wanted to creat a Buzz about my website I would direct a Hyperlink to a Blank Page and type " Error occured" too. It take all of 45 seconds... PLEEEEEZE
  11. What is this the photo of? I looked up Saddams 5 Dinar and that was not this photo
  12. This is not true. My wife is in management and would know. I am pulling for you though !!!
  13. jbt3

    Dinar Banker

    I just clicked on 'BUY DINAR" and got an error page
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