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  1. Thanks Adam for all the work you and your staff does for us,
  2. Thanks Adam, good news as normal, have a great week.
  3. Yes i still have some. I will be in & out of my office today, but please leave a message. Thanks
  4. I have 10 million in new 25,000 notes for sale at $ 850.00 per million, Bought from GID and paid $ 1000.00 each. Call me at 972-524-2044
  5. Great news Adam. thanks for all you do, your staff,and all DV members.
  6. Thanks for all you do Adam. Things are looking a lot better now a days.
  7. Good evening Texas Granny, my numbers are correct and i agree with what Adam laid out as rules.
  8. I'm in and hope we get lucky 1/7/25/38/61 pb 18
  9. Who is this organization ? Are they checking up on the black panthers and if they are growing in size or all the mexican gangs in the USA ? It would be a better artical if it was more in detail.
  10. Hopefully the IMF will hold there hand and help them to get this done soon.
  11. Thank you Adam and kcw. Nice chat and informative.
  12. Good chat Adam, Thanks for all you do.
  13. Adam, Thanks so much for all you do for everyone. Myself, 3 family members,and numerous freinds are all platinum vip members and wouldn't have it any other way.Two thumbs up from all of us. Thanks, Bob
  14. Thank you so much Scooter for all you do for us.
  15. I don't feel like you have been around long enough to know about Adam Montana, He is a stand up guy and a very smart business man. I and many others appreciate all he does for us. Read more and you will understand. Bob
  16. Great chat Adam and thanks for all you do.
  17. Great post Scooter, thanks for all you do to help us out. Have fun with you folks.
  18. dexter, it shows that i cannot send you a PM, Give me a call at 972 524 2044. Bob
  19. Add me as a friend and i will send you my phone # so we can talk. I will pay you what your asking and can meet you in the morning with cash, I know how it is sometimes with unexpected expenses hitting you at the wrong time. Bob
  20. I'm not very good on computer know how either, my security system would not allow me to get in and I cannot take the security off my computer for business reasons. I will try this week to get a freid to help me to be able to log into the chat room. Sorry Adam, I tried. It was a wonderfull thing you did. Bob
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