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  1. Probably the wrong forum to put my rant in. I don't get involved too much in the numbers and who dies from what because people will say " I'm drinking from the kool aid" because I may not agree with them . You have friends that say one and I can go out and find articles that say exactly the opposite thing with studies to prove I'm right. That was my point of the rant. I don't care if you don't believe what I believe is the correct number or whether to wear a mask or not etc, etc. You're not going to change your mind and everything I say will push you to stick to your opinion even more. Just saying.
  2. No matter what side your on, each side believes in some conspiracy theory. Just ask the opposing side. They will tell you you're crazy. We have so many so called " smart people " on this site you would think there would be more independent thinkers. But they more they ' discuss " an issue the farther Left or Right they move. Just like our government. We even managed to politicize mask wearing! It's simply amazing how stubborn people can be simply because they identify as a crazy Republican or an insane Democrat. The more you tell someone they are wrong the more they stick to their story and say you're wrong. For every "correct" piece of information presented in an argument an opposing " correct" piece of information can be presented as a counter point. The whole idea of compromise has gone out the window. The price of freedom I guess. The freedom of speech is a good thing but gets perverted by the media, souless government officials and celebrities who want to feel good about themselves and get love from adoring fans. The world sits and watches us, scratches their head and says " how are they still in one piece". Lol. No matter which side gets elected in November we can count on more phony congressional inquiries, impeachments processes and over all obstruction of governing the nation for the benefit of the people. We allowed it. Now we reap what we sowed. Man, I love a good whiskey. So invigorating. Ha!
  3. I'm sure you weren't called any names. You just misinterpreted what the poster was saying. Lol
  4. You can't win with him. I'm a Trump supporter and wear a mask. It's not about being an American or patriotic. Its the right thing to do. It's a amazing there are so many people on this site that know more than the doctors and scientist do. Everything has an ulterior motive and is a conspiracy with them. If you disagree then you're un patriotic and un American. So they say. Some people you just need to put on ignore.
  5. The very fact that more people are getting tested and testing positive says alot. The virus is contagious and every effort should be made to limit the spread. Maybe it doesn't affect you but you may catch the virus and pass it to someone who is more susceptible to its effects. A mask may not be 100% efficient but it helps. Why are more people getting tested and testing positive? Well there's 2 answers. More testing sites are available and more people are getting sick. If people would use common sense and understand that nothing may be 100% but anything, any reasonable practice that reduces the spread of this virus should be implemented and followed. It's not that big of an inconvenience. Those who think it's a hassle, inconvenient or an attack on their personal freedom have never faced real adversity and have no respect for others who may have a weakend immune system due to underlying conditions or are elderly. After all, your being asked to wear a mask when going out and maintain some distance. Not very hard. And no, it's not a step towards taking rights away. Let's not go to extremes. It's a mask. Not taking guns away or imposing curfews. I have yet to see one good reason for some one not to follow those 2 simple steps. Unless you have a doctors note. Even then a mask does not restrict air that much. If it makes it that hard to breathe then you PROBABLY have some other issues going on which PROBABLY makes you more susceptible. Nope. Not a doctor. Just using common sense. Ok. Let's have it
  6. So I'm a moron because I wear a mask? I mean the LSM said cases have spiked, especially in Dallas, and seems to be rising other places. Only the flu? Hmmmm . I doubt that.
  7. Hello. I'm on here quite a bit and always read your post. Glad to see your post are sensible, calming and consistent. All is well in my world. I hope all is well in yours as well.
  8. Maybe you just need to take a break and regroup. If it's getting to you that much maybe some time away will be a good thing. I stop watching the news sometimes for awhile to decompress.
  9. Looks like his chest tattoo is missing in this picture. But then again it's a bad picture.
  10. Surely you are not suggesting that those are 2 different people are you?
  11. Jeff knows absolutely nothing. If it were to happen this weekend it would be coincidence. Nothing more. Don't get excited. He is another guru.
  12. They are too stupid to understand that their demands are absolutely ludicrous. Some actually invite segregation again. That takes either incredible naivety or incredibles balls. Either way if I was an African American I would be insulted and appalled that you think that is a good idea or what anyone really wants.
  13. Yep. I agree. But the Mayor failed the first day and continues to fail today. I'm not sure if the Hells Angels is the right response but right now it is the only response thats happening. Sounds like there intentions is to remove the barriers and allow free movement in and out of the "zone". Intentions sound good. But you know what they say about good intentions. I have to say it would be absolutely hilarious if the Hells Angels put a few of these kids across their knees and spanked them on live TV. Maybe some pride may be hurt but it might get the done
  14. Sometimes, if a little bloodshed prevents events from happening again and again and sets a precedence then I guess so be it. Yes,I know sounds a little harsh and mid-evil but i am tired of everyone doing what they want and so called leaders trying to appease those who cannot be appeased. Tired of appeasing those who break the law and expect to do so without impunity. Tired of listening to thoughtless comments that are made by those who cannot think 5 seconds past the future and have no idea of what they say or how ridiculous they sound. Tired of protecting everyone feelings and not doing what is right because people are offended by every little thing. At some point in time you have to say enough is enough and maybe, just maybe, a little tough love will cause some to stop and think before saying or doing something so stupid such as taking over a part of a town. They deserve what may come to them I say.
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