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  1. Believe what you will Botz, but for me, I have seen the work of God in my life on many occasions. The fact that I am still alive can not be explained by all the science in the world. Many doctors have tried but none of them has ever come up with an explanation. Seems to me that the vaccines that are quoted above as being invented by men are the work of God. I will still pray for your soul for that is what this Christian does.
  2. jerryskinz

    Basket of Currencies as new World Reserve

    I hate it when people talk in absolute. Sorry keep, did not know you worked for the IMF or is it the World Bank. Oh never mind it doesn't matter.
  3. the part about AL Gore made me laugh. All he has been working tirelessly to do is make himself rich. Give me a break. Don't think ALL media ( yes including the new Al Jackazzera) is slanted to the people who advertise with them? Give me a break. And yes Qatar is our ally today. who knows next week? Good friends in the ME? Give me a break. Have you read the Koran? Says plain as day in black and white. You don't want to become a Muslim? Okay we will just cut your head off. Nice friends to have. Whatever I am just a religious right wing fringe who does not matter in this country. When you all get tired of paying for people to sit at home and do nothing let us know and we will right the ship. Have a blessed day.
  4. Okay so what is your point? You sound like a little child who just got spanked. Get a life. Oh and by the way you bashed Adam pretty badly over there too. If you hate all these people so much then why are you still here? We all know it is you Fib or whatever you are calling yourself now. Please do us all a favor and sell your 100k of Dinar and move on to something else. Please.
  5. I guess you are the only one who can post what they want? Oh wait as long as they agree with you they are okay. Tells me all I need to know about you!!
  6. jerryskinz

    ******OCRUSH RUMOR UPDATE ***** 2-8-13

    You are so right Bump. that is why I NEVER post anything here anymore. What little intell I do have I keep to my self.
  7. jerryskinz


    amen to that Betty. He is worse than Arnold " I'll Be Back!" Just under a different name!!
  8. jerryskinz

    *** STEVE1 & OCRUSH UPDATE *** 1- 30 - 2013

    ummm.. at least he gives us something unlike you. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. jerryskinz

    *** STEVE1 & OCRUSH UPDATE *** 1- 30 - 2013

    troller alert!! troller alert!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. jerryskinz

    Email from my personal Banker! (My 1st bank story)

    Good job dontlop. Hold this trollers feet to the fire. He has screwed up now and wants to "clarify" what he meant. Okay "Okie" how is the view from your 747 bud.
  11. jerryskinz

    Email from my personal Banker! (My 1st bank story)

    sorry to rain on your rain fib but your numbers are sooooooooo incorrect. Let me guess where you get your numbers from... oh never mind. I guess you also think america's debt is really only about 18 trillion dollars too. :lol: :lol: :lol: what a fool..
  12. jerryskinz

    ******Boots on the ground info******

    ummmm. who cares?
  13. jerryskinz

    New Date is late Feb or march!

    I call BS on this one. If it does not happen before Jan.31 of this year, you might as well put your dinar away and come back in November to catch up on the "new" intel. LOL. They CAN NOT rv, rd, or anything with their currency during the fiscal year. There is an outside chance they can go until Feb. 23 ( when the SBA expires and if it is not extended) and back date everything and "cook" their books but it is very slight. So I hope they get their crap together and get this over one way or the other. RV is hopeful and a rd would suck but at least it would be over!!
  14. jerryskinz

    Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode After Debate

    Ummm. Actually the subsidies do not exist that you speak of for Exxon Mobile. Under Obama the amount of subsidies to "Green Energy" that he has given are in the billions that you speak. Want to know why we are all paying $4 at the pump? Obama has cut drilling permits over half since he has taken office and therefore we are more dependent on Foriegn oil now than any other time in the history of the US. Yes there is a very large amount spent on defense. Okay, so when China invades the US to get back the trillions of dollars Obama has borrowed from them and we have no defense to protect us, you will be the first one to be yelling come save me. But I do not expect you to know about half of what you speak due to the fact you don't watch Fox. Instead you watch the " no biased" CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and so on for your information. I actually like people like you for the mere fact that you truly show your ignorance. It makes me realize how far America has fallen when people like you try to talk like they know what they are talking about. Keep spewing your hate while making yourself look ignorant in what is really going on in this Country. Oh and by the way food stamps along with ever other entitlement program in this country is what is bankrupting this Nation. I.E. The ponzi scheme called social security, medicaid, medicare, welfare, unemployment just to mention a few but I would not expect you to know about all those things since you obviously do not watch Fox. Have fun watching MSNBC

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