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  1. The title of this post is misleading. I don't normally reply to the BS here but I will on this one. Sarah is referring to grocery stores that sell beer and wine. Allot of them exist in the south. She is clearly making reference to the fact all customers are required to show their ID for alcohol purchases.
  2. How do you "shoot" down a drone with "little" damage? I don't see it happening without destroying the drone. "D"
  3. lol...ok. So do I and I just used the commands I posted to make sure. All is good then. It will get the result needed. "D"
  4. Backwards! lol Should be... ALT-PRINT SCREEN(SYSRQ) Entire Screen CLT-ALT-PRINT SCREEN(SYSRQ) Active Window "D"
  5. I believe I read where massive amounts of "Yellow Cake" uranium was found and quickly moved out of Iraq under the radar scope and sold to Canada... "D"
  6. Wouldn't that be adjusted as well as food prices etc.? For example.....A coke costs 1,000IQD now. The zero's shift (RD or RV) the can of coke is now 1IQD. I would assume if an Iraqi worker makes 300,000IQD per month, that salary too would be adjusted in the process to 300IQD per month. "D"
  7. It means they will Re-denominate (25k becomes 25) then raise the value. Not thinking I will be rich but I might make 3 or 4 times my investment. "D"
  8. I actually own quite a bit of Dinar and been in this investment since 2003. "D"
  9. Why the insult? I invested in 2003 and paid $640.00 per mil. I bought my Dinar in Iraq. At that time I believed I could be rich. After years of acquiring information I have come to the conclusion there will be no reval. That is my opinion. I have already made some money on my investment. "D"
  10. IMHO...You will be heart-broken soon along with many others. "D"
  11. It's not that we "Lopsters" do not want it to RV. There is NO real proof for a reval and plenty of history showing a higher probability you will see a LOP. I would love to see a RV and be rich...but it's not going to happen. "D"
  12. Can we have a higher quality pic to enlarge?
  13. People need to understand what they are reading. What this article is saying is that Airmen and Soldiers receive IQD when they go to finance and request cash from their Eagle Cards for local purchases while in Iraq. Their paychecks are still going into their bank accounts in USD. I am prior Air Force and a Contractor in Iraq & Kuwait and currently in Afghanistan...yes I have a Eagle Cash card. This was posted earlier. "D"
  14. U.S. military will never be paid in IQD. This article is in reference to what currency the service member can withdraw from ATM's or type of cash received when using their Eagle Cash Card while in Iraq. They will receive their normal pay in their stateside checking accounts as usual. Nothing new here. "D"
  15. Wow! SO Ali doesn't tell people what they want to now people will say it wasn't him on the
  16. One World Currency is not something society could swallow quite easily if it were to happen all at once. The Euro was just one of many steps to get there. The GCC will be another. Everyone on this forum as well as other forums should know by now that you can't believe everything that's being reported. I am not sure why everyone is in disbelief when Iraq says they plan to LOP their currency but that are quick to believe the statements saying the GCC is a long way away from being formed. I will end this debate here. I only wanted to share with the group about what I heard while on the ground in Iraq back in 2004. Thanks for your input Scooby Doo and good luck with your investment. "D"
  17. And I can assure you that Iraq hardly ever meets any date set forth. Just because a statement is made that it could take 10 years doesn't mean that it can't happen in the near future. I am sharing information directly given to me from State Department folks while on the ground in Iraq while in the palace. "D"
  18. I don't care much for this TK fellow but wanted to bring something up. I will more than likely get bashed and really do not care. I was in the IZ stting around a camp fire with an ice cold Corona talking with a few State Department folks. According to them Iraq will hold out for the GCC and when it is all said and done...we will not see a huge return on this investment. I have been holding on just in case something has changed since or maybe they were wrong...but sure looks to me that Iraq is doing just what I was told. Time will tell. I lived at the "Circle K" and partied at the "Bunker" quite a few times...those who knew the IZ back in 2004 would be able to know I am legit. Go Dinar!!!!!!! "D"
  19. Could it be the "CMKX United Shareholders Board"? "D"
  20. There should be a HUMOR section created as well. Some of the threads created here are only intended for humor. Three should also be a VISIONS section created also. Some of the folks have great ideas of how a RV will be played out and to me that is NOT a rumor. Just my need to get all upset. "D"
  21. LOL...So...Paul Revere is gonna spread the RV via horseback maybe? What a JOKE! makes it sound like a spreading virus. "D"
  22. Sure...go back and look. You will see that he came back AFTER my post. So what is your point?
  23. I think the MODS should close the thread when the original poster doesn't have the B@LL5 to defend himself. It shows he is obviously a PUMPER.
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